Over 186 Sales Enablement vendors worldwide

LinkedIn users with Sales Enablement in their job title


I track the number of LinkedIn users with Sales Enablement in their current job title. 2-Feb-2019, LinkedIn had 8,085 users like that globally.

I keep a work in progress list of vendors / services / solutions for…

  • Sales Enablement
  • B2B Marketing/Brand Asset Management
  • B2B Sales Knowledge Management (KM)
  • Sales asset management (SAM)
  • B2B Sales Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Digital Content Management for Sales (DCMS)
  • Sales Engagement Platforms (SEP)

…with a focus on improving the intranet & mobile experience of B2B enterprises for all staff / partners who touch accounts.

My count is over 186 vendors:

Paul Krajewski

The author: Paul Krajewski

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German citizen. Permanent Resident in Canada. Currently based in Sydney, Australia. Sr. Product Manager at Pivotal, Sydney. Co-Director, Founder Institute Sydney & host of the Lean Startup Sydney meetup. Spent 2007-2009 at Nortel in Toronto in Global Marketing looking after the implementation of the Sales Enablement application for Nortel’s 4,000 sales people worldwide. After working as Head of Training at BizSphere, spent 18 mths in Shanghai, China as the first Product Manager at MING Labs.


Indian Sales Enablement vendors and Market players based in India or doing development there

Starting this list based on India being in the top 3 countries in terms of visitors to this blog.

Below my list of Indian Sales Enablement software vendors/apps/tools & Sales Enablement solutions, B2B marketing content management, B2B sales knowledge management, Digital Content Management for B2B sales (DCMS), Sales Asset Management (SAM), etc… based in India or with development mostly in India; as of 26-March-2019.


Bsharp bsharpcorp.com @bsharpcorp Mobile sales enablement tools accelerate sales through continuous training, effective sales conversations & more productive sales reps: Inform, train, assess, equip, hear from & motivate the sales team. Mobile platform & services methodology to help you build a formidable team. Continuously train thousands of sales personnel across geos; Keep them informed of important decisions at the corporate office; Send product collateral, brochures, videos for customer use; Get info like sales, inventory, merchandising, customer meetings for analytics daily. Marlborough, MA, US & Bangalore, India

ContexTip contextip.com @contextip the right insights at the right time with the right context. In large globally spread sales teams, where many divisions often sell into the same accounts, the potential to cross-sell often goes unrealized because information is trapped in silos. ContexTip digs through all data in Salesforce & recommends the best sales executives across divisions to reach out for help with a deal. A recommendation engine gives a ring-side view of your account & helps your team with timely, relevant & optimal date to help the deal move further & faster to closure. Have the power of critical information at your finger tips just when you need it. By Lister technologies, India.

DocShare docshare.io @docshareio Track document opening & performance with easy to share weblinks. Document tracking app by SalesHandy.com @saleshandy (send, track, control, engage & present sales collateral with actionable document analytics. CENTRALIZED SALES COLLATERAL: Manage all your sales documents at one place. Organize your files by teams, company or private.) India

Draup Platform draup.com/sales/ Machine Learning startup incubated at @Zinnov zinnov.com Powering Sales Enablement: Empowers sales teams with comprehensive account & stakeholder intelligence to enable micro-targeting. Analyzing millions of data points to help sales teams understand finer details about their prospects, such as buying preferences, technology choices, outsourcing deals, buying centers, strategic & investment priorities etc., while also obtaining a deep understanding of the key decision makers among your prospects. Equip you with sales intelligence & help you answer pressing sales questions such as “leads to prioritize”, “Right stakeholders to target”, & “How to approach the targeted opportunity”. Cloud hosted web application with data rich insights & visualizations to help you know the most important information about your prospects. US-India-China-Singapore

Infinite Possibilities in-pl.com Instructor-led & Digital Sales Enablement Platform. Our mission is to help Sales Teams be more productive through Enablement & Sales tools. The platform will enable sales people to learn world class sales skills & provide tangible metrics to measure sales effectiveness. Developed By SIB Infotech. Kondivita, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra

KnoBis knobis.co @knobis_kb KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM: Somewhere along the way, Knowledge Base got really hard to use. Simple, intuitive & requires no training. By Bellurbis Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India

Content Raven raven360.com @ContentRaven Raven360 sales enablement platform that allows companies to train, onboard, & coach their team into shortening their sales cycle & closing more deals. They focus on Sales & Partner enablement specifically, video-based coaching & learning. Content Raven (Enterprise Content Enablement Platform) has 25+ enterprise customers & 300,000+ users. “ENABLE YOUR SALES TEAM: Onboarding, Training, Coaching, & Confidence to Close More Deals. Provide the right training, content & messaging for complex product sales in one easy experience for reps.” Also marketed as “Sales readiness platform that delivers up-to-date & consistent sales content, training & coaching.” $5M in revenue annually & competes with Syncplicity, OpenDrive, & SugarSync. Framingham, MA, US & R&D in Chennai, India

Playbook AI playbook.ai @playbookai “guides sales professionals in B2B businesses to contact the right prospect, at the right time by using artificial intelligence.” Accelerate Growth in SaaS – Using AI-first Account Based Sales Acceleration Platform: “Playbook AI provides task-by-task prescriptions to inside sales teams, which increase effectiveness, efficiency & velocity of winning deals.” Training Creator: “Are you new recruits taking a long time to ramp up? Get them boiler room ready in a few days. Create micro training videos personalized to each task to teach new recruits how to interact with a prospect.” AI-first omni-channel inside sales acceleration technology, which prescribes activities to B2B sales teams that increase conversion & velocity. Bengaluru, India

Salespatron salespatron.com @salespatron Easily distribute any sales content to your sales reps with a single click/tap & ensure only the latest content gets used. With advanced analytics, find out how your content gets used in the field & align sales & marketing goals. Find out how your content gets used & create better content. Have a structured analytical way to know which pieces of sales content gets used more often than others & by whom. Use these insights to create even better content next time to improve rep productivity. Increase ROI on marketing content by helping reps close more deals. Reps gets insights on how clients are engaging with their emailed sales content with analytics (when was content opened, which pages were read & for how long). Follow-up smarter & close more deals. Have all content available neatly organized & updated any time on any device, even offline. New Delhi, India

SmartWinnr smartwinnr.com @smartwinnr Gamified platform to improve sales & training through better retention. Compliance onboarding, Sales Development, Sales Knowledge, Learning. “Sales Acceleration Platform: Drive knowledge through AI-driven quizzes & feeds. Enhance performance by data-driven coaching. Boost performance by gamifying Sales KPIs.” San Francisco, CA / Walnut, California & Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India

Wittyparrot www.wittyparrot.com Instantly access & reuse relevant information on any device to save time. Share best practices across teams to improve performance & consistency. Align sales & marketing messaging, maintain freshness of content, track usage. Cloud-based content delivery platform that helps companies to speak with one voice™. Bay Area / San Francisco, US & Bangalore, India

Zoho zoho.com @Zoho a suite of business, collaboration, & productivity applications. Over 30 online applications from CRM to mail, office suite, project management, invoicing, email marketing, social media management, & more. Sales & Marketing: Give your sales team the perfect set of apps to help close more business deals in less time. Email & Collaboration: Empower your workforce with apps to collaborate & transform the way they work. Custom Solutions: Simplify complex business processes with apps that will make your team’s work easier. Founded Sep 15, 1996. Founder Sridhar Vembu. Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.; $310 million (estimated revenue). Development headquarters in Chennai, India. HQ Pleasanton, California, US

Job opening – Director of #SalesEnablement at @Zenefits San Francisco, CA

Director of Sales Enablement

Employer: Zenefits @zenefits

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Seniority Level: Director

Industry: Information Technology & Services Computer Software Internet

Employment Type: Full-time

Job Functions: Sales Business Development


Posted: Early March 2019 (Via LinkedIn)

Director of Sales Enablement at Zenefits

Job Duties And Responsibilities

  • Develop, manage, and optimize Sales Playbooks that enable our salesforce to sell more efficiently and effectively, as well as increase our competitive win rate.
  • Define, manage, and execute learning strategies to enable our Sales teams including e-learning, self-study, and instructor-led techniques.
    Develop content that differentiates Zenefits and solves customer pain points.
  • Test and certify the field for maximum effectiveness.
  • Iterate, and improve upon, the onboarding process for Sales to accelerate ramp time.
  • Manage Sales Enablement related systems and processes; continually refine Sales Enablement best practices as our organization evolves over time.
  • Measure and report on the effectiveness of Sales Enablement investments and programs.
  • Drive strong cross-functional cooperation between Sales, Marketing and Sales Operations.
  • Continuously drive KPIs.

A Little More About You

  • 7+ years experience in Sales Enablement, including curriculum design, content development, facilitation and assessment.
  • Strong team player; demonstrated ability to partner with sales engineering, marketing, finance, and other cross functional departments.
  • Strong analytical and data driven personality.
  • Strength in building process and continuously driving KPI’s.
  • Strong business acumen, strong reporting and analytics, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and project management skills.
  • Able to speak in front of senior audiences as well as write clearly and concisely.
  • Energy and creativity are key characteristics that describe you and the projects you lead. You make it happen!
  • You’re a great communicator, self-aware, transparent, collaborative, and open to feedback.
  • Adaptability – you understand that change is constant, and you embrace it. You’re agile and resilient. You move quickly and encourage continued improvement.
  • Experience in the HCM space or SaaS businesses

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#SalesTech explained: #Infographic by @LevelJumpS with #SalesEnablement #DCMS #CMS #SEP and landscape by @nicolask3

I missed this when David Bloom, Founder & CEO at LevelJump, posted it 2 months ago:

Nicolas de Kouchkovsky of CaCube Consulting has the amazing ‘SalesTech landscape’ from May 2018 that I first mentioned here:

By Nicolas de Kouchkovsky @nicolask3

(Advisor/Consultant/Fractional CMO. Helping B2B Software companies grow. All things customer engagement/facing technologies.)

His blog.

cacubeconsulting.com linkedin.com/in/nicolask3/

My own count is over 186 vendors vendors:

Job opening – Sr. Product Manager @Pitch the latest addition to my list of Sales Enablement tools from Europe

Job Opening: Sr. Product Manager at @Pitch pitch.com the latest addition to my list of Sales Enablement tools from Europe:

Pitch pitch.com @Pitch Pitch Software GmbH, Berlin, Germany. Open platform for presentations & content collaboration. Improve the way presentations are crafted & knowledge is shared. Presentation tool & platform for students, teachers, creatives, managers, startups & teams everywhere. “With Slack & Front transforming business communication, Airtable & Coda disrupting Excel, & Sketch & Framer on a mission to break Photoshop’s monopoly, we saw innovation & thoughtful design resetting expectations & reimagining the user experience of complex business software. Yet, even with this shift, presentation tools have not kept pace with technology; we believe there needs to be something new, different & substantially better.” Software startup founded Jan-2018. Now $22.7M funding: Index Ventures, BlueYard, Slack Fund, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan, Framer CEO Koen Bok, Elastic Co-Founder Simon Willnauer, Datadog CEO Olivier Pomel, Wunderlist-backer Frank Thelen & Metalab Founder Andrew Wilkinson. Their founding team created Wunderlist. $1M in revenue annually & competes with Prezi, Powtoon, & Slidebean.

Senior Product Manager (m/f/d)

Berlin, Germany

Pitch, a new company from the makers of Wunderlist, is looking for a Senior Product Manager to join our team in Berlin. We are building a cross-platform presentation tool and are looking for an experienced Senior Product Manager to help realize our vision.

Your core responsibilities

  • Managing the implementation of our product vision across cross-functional and distributed teams
  • Working side-by-side with the leadership team to create a well-oiled design and engineering process that scales
  • Making sure we ship updates frequently in order to stay ahead of competition, while always delivering a delightful and useful product
  • Helping project teams to turn vague concepts into well-organized projects with clear specifications and ambitious milestones
  • Defining the specific requirements for each feature to ensure best-in-class user experience and efficient technical implementation
  • Creating a best-in-class communication plan to keep everyone up to date on what’s happening in design and engineering
  • Supporting everyone to stay in sync with what’s actively being worked on, what’s on hold, upcoming or blocked
  • Promoting our roadmap; challenge everyone to do more with less (including leadership); prioritizing & creating buy-in from everyone
  • Evaluating feedback from various groups (users, fellow team members, etc.) to ensure that we’re building the right features and prioritizing appropriately into our backlog

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Sales Enablement market size research for 2019

Sales Enablement market size in Revenue

Sales Enablement

I have updated my charts for the Sales Enablement software/platform market (Sales Asset Management, Digital Content Management for Sales), but want to improve them further.

If you are aware of something I got wrong or that is missing anywhere on my blog, please fill out this form:
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Predicting a Sales Enablement software market size for 2019 of $640 million and many vendors to shut down

Jim Lundy, CEO & Lead Analyst at aragonresearch.com says:

“Aragon expects the worldwide sales engagement platform market to grow from U.S. $1.57 billion in 2017 to $5.59 billion by 2023.”

If expecting linear growth that would mean 23.56% growth per year?

My own graph using Aragon Research start and end point
My own graph using Aragon Research’s start and end points

Aragon believes the “fractured sales enablement category would consolidate into the sales engagement market. Today, some sales enablement providers are now offering a complete digital selling platform—what Aragon calls a sales engagement platform (SEP)”.

Aragon includes vendors such as Outreach and VanillaSoft which I would not include in my definition of “Sales Enablement”. My definition of Sales Enablement is a bit closer to Gartner’s “DCMS” (digital content management for sales):

“By the end of 2017, Gartner estimates that DCMS vendors will generate $423.5 million in revenue, up by approximately 16% from the previous year.” (Source)

16% is a bit less than the approx. 23.56% growth Aragon seems to have for sales engagement platforms (SEP) and from my point of view 16% are more realistic.

Since I started tracking the Sales Enablement market in 2007 (and started this blog in 2009) my list of vendors has grown to above 186 (spread sheet) with a crazy long death watch list of dead or zombie startups.

That leads me to believe that the market will only grow in line with how companies scale or optimize [cut – yet equip with productivity tools] their sales forces. As almost any company with a b2b sales force will have been pitched many sales enablement/engagement platforms over the years, I’m guessing very few are left to pull the trigger soon.

Sales Enablement

My estimation of the total Sales Enablement software market for 2019 is $640 million if you don’t count any of the revenue of the 800-pound gorillas such as Microsoft & Salesforce where Sales Enablement is more of a byproduct or additional use case.

Sales Enablement market size in Revenue

Outside the 800-pound gorillas (excluded from this pie chart), I’m guessing none of the vendors are wildly profitable.

If we do enter a recession in 2019, it will be interesting to see how many of the vendors that were not acquired in 2017 & 2018 can attract follow up funding or become profitable.

On 1-Jan-2019, avc.com wrote:

“[…] I think 2019 will be a “doozy.” I think we will see major dislocations in the leadership of the United States, a bear market in stocks, a weakening economy, a number of issues with the global economy including a messy Brexit and a sluggish China. All of this will lead to a more cautious stance by investors in the startup economy. […]”

On January 3, 2019, Casey Winters posted: The Problems With Martech…:

“[…] In short, I hate martech, and think martech will decline as a category, and most martech businesses will not be very successful. I think there are a few reasons for this that are not well understood, but if you understand them, it can unlock some martech opportunities that are still quite large for entrepreneurs, and help marketers understand which technologies to bet on vs. bring in house. […]”

The last 18 months saw long overdue consolidation in the B2B Sales Enablement market

By the end of 2017 – Gartner estimated – Digital content management for sales (DCMS) vendors “generate $423.5 million in revenue, up by approximately 16% from the previous year”.

That is obviously not that big an annual revenue and not that big a growth rate…

…to justify the high number of up to 186 market players (depending on how you count). Hence, the last 18 months saw long overdue consolidation in the Sales Enablement market:

[Edit] November 15, 2018, Compelligence, LLC Compelligence.com had a relaunch of their new company name, brand & website: CompeteiQ competeiq.io Competitive intelligence platform built for sales: Win Intelligently, Intelligent sales battle cards, Integrated win/loss workflow, Track news, website changes & trends, Salesforce AppExchange certified.

[Edit] Nov. 14, 2018Showpad sales enablement platform for sellers, acquired meeting intelligence software Voicefox to help with seller productivity, buyer engagement/experience. By recording, transcribing & analyzing business conversations, it gives sales managers the ability to understand & validate what’s happening in the field. Armed with this intelligence, sales managers can more effectively & scalably coach their teams.

October 25, 2018: Mediafly mediafly.com @Mediafly announced the acquisition of Alinean Inc. alinean.com @AlineanROI

[Edit] September 25, 2018Bigtincan announced the acquisition of Customer Engagement Platform FatStax fatstax.com @FatStaxApp creating end-to-end connections across CRM & sales enablement.

Sep 20, 2018: Adobe Systems Inc. agreed to acquire software maker Marketo Inc. for $4.75bn. [On April 19, 2017 ToutApp had been acquired by Marketo.]

Sept. 4, 2018: DocuSign, Inc. completed its acquisition of SpringCM, a cloud-based document generation & contract lifecycle management software company. With SpringCM, DocuSign will accelerate customers’ ability to modernize their Systems of Agreement—all the way from preparing to signing, acting-on, & managing agreements.

Enhatch stopped selling a digital content management for sales solution (DCMS). [I’m removing them from my Sales Enablement market revenue chart.]

Sales Enablement

On Jun 28, 2018Upland Software @UplandSoftware announced their acquisition of RO Innovation roinnovation.com. Uplandsoftware.com/roinnovation/

June 18, 2018, Bigtincan @bigtincan announced the acquisition of learning vendor (micro-learning / training and enablement platform) Zunos: “As part of the integration, Bigtincan will leverage Zunos’ expertise to shape its comprehensive learning platform in the Bigtincan Hub, focusing on micro-learning strategies to ensure retention, gamification to boost engagement and partner enablement to ensure holistic dissemination of content and knowledge across partner teams and organizations.”

June 5, 2018, Showpad (around since 2011) acquired LearnCore (provider of sales training & coaching software) to deliver an integrated Sales Enablement platform: Sales content, engagement, training & coaching. LearnCore & Showpad’s combined platform will leverage data analytics & artificial intelligence to optimize investment in content, deliver relevant content recommendations for sales, and improve the skills of sales teams through personalized training & coaching at scale. Showpad expanded its operations with new offices in Amsterdam, Munich, & Chicago. The combined company will have 350 employees globally.

May 8, 2018, it was announced that Seismic acquires SAVO Group. On Jun 12, 2017, KnowledgeTree was acquired by SAVO Group. SAVO Group also had an investment from SAP.

March 7, 2018, Octiv acquired by Conga @getconga. Octiv was formerly known as TinderBox.

Jan 29, 2018, CallidusCloud acquired by SAP. Price $2.4B. Callidus itself had been “quite acquisitive, acquiring 14 companies dating back to 2010 including 4 in 2017 alone, according to data on Crunchbase.” Jul 6, 2011, Callidus Software Inc acquired iCentera (on-demand sales enablement software to increase sales revenue through marketing, sales, and customer messaging vehicles)

December 12, 2017, ClearSlide joined Corel Corporation. ClearSlide clearslide.com had acquired SlideRocket to let you create & edit presentations in the cloud with slide-by-slide analytics.

Dec. 06, 2017, Quark Software @QuarkNews took over Docurated Inc. Docurated’s inception was in 2012.

Nov 30, 2017 we learned Bigtincan acquired Contondo. “Contondo’s data science team and core technology will be incorporated into the Bigtincan Hub Sales Enablement Automation Platform.”

Nov. 17, 2017, Upland Software, Inc., cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software, acquired Qvidian Corporation, provider of cloud-based RFP and Sales Proposal automation software. After Sant and Kadient had already merged into Qvidian, Qvidian is now owned by Upland Software.

Sep. 7, 2017, Vancouver, Canada – Vision Critical @visioncritical announces its acquisition of Pressly @pressly a Toronto-based software company. Vision Critical provides customer relationship intelligence software that improves customer relationships to grow customer lifetime value.

June 12, 2017: Jive jivesoftware.com @jivesoftware “provider of modern communication & collaboration solutions for business. We empower people & organizations to work better together.” Though based in California, Jive’s largest site is in downtown Portland, its onetime headquarters. Aurea completed its $462M purchase of Jive. Jive once employed upward of 200 people in Portland, but after a 2016 layoff & an exodus following the company’s sale, its workforce has fallen considerably. Jive Software had $203.5M in revenue annually & competed with Get Satisfaction, Slack, & Workfront.

April 19, 2017: ToutApp was acquired by Marketo (Sep 20, 2018: Adobe Systems Inc. agreed to acquire software maker Marketo). ToutApp: $7M in revenue annually & competes with Velocify, Inc., Outreach, & SalesLoft.

My frequently updated lists tracking the market: