Tools for media monitoring, competitive intelligence, note sharing, research and link building

Has marketing done a good job at translating content for sales?

Having an eye on where the traffic to this blog comes from allows me to see which tools for media monitoring, CI [competitive intelligence], note sharing, research and link building are being used by [the sales enablement] market players and analysts.

Last edit: 15-Aug-2021

Affinio Segment audiences on Twitter etc to build personas, uncover media placement, or study competitors.

Agility PR and (“Intuitive Media Outreach, Monitoring & Measurement: Discover journalists and influencers, amplify your messages, monitor media coverage, and measure the success of your PR campaigns”)

Awario “Be the first to know when important conversations spark out online. Unlike other monitoring apps that rely on a single 3rd-party data provider, it crawls over 13 billion web pages daily, in addition to the APIs.” Use Awario as an immediate way to learn about new mentions.

Battlecard Quickcard

Battlecard @battlecardHQ @parsegon @quickcardhq Quickcard is the main product (Battlecard was the brand/ecosystem name. Pivoted) Sales Playbook Platform: Teams use Battlecard to organize their sales playbook, conquering the chaos of their daily revenue operations. Sales Collateral: Create tailored, shareable, & tracked sales collateral in 30 seconds after every discovery sales call. Just like you tailor your sales pitch on a call, tailor your follow-up collateral. Sales collateral is rarely something that should be one-size-fits-all for all prospects. Create tailored sales collateral. Gain Insights to what is Helpful. Get granular, event driven analytics that help you improve your sales. ZPtCgVzC_400x400Document sharing platform designed for sales. A way to send sales materials: Personalize your sales decks & gain insights on readership in one place. Learn what is & isn’t working in your materials. Send, tailor, & analyze your sales collateral content. Highlight top features: Focus on the topics or features that the prospect specifically cares about based on discovery calls. Inject prospect’s variables: Name, industry, company size, or anything onto sales materials to provide a personal touch. Insert in the Prospect’s Logo, which 97% can be auto-fetched from just providing their domain name. San Francisco, CA, USA


Brandwatch acquired by Cision for USD $450M, creating a PR, marketing, & social listening giant: 26-Feb-2021, Online consumer intelligence & social media listening platform Brandwatch has been acquired by Cision, best known for its media monitoring & media contact database services. Brandwatch’s key executive team will be staying on. The move combines two large players to offer a broad range of services, from PR to marketing & online customer engagement. The deal is expected to close in the 2nd quarter 2021.

Brand24 @brand24 instant access to brand mentions across social, news, blogs, videos, forums, reviews & more. Brand24 Global Inc., Daytona Beach, FL 32114 USA


Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 4.09.05 content insights to generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor your performance and identify influencers.

cisionpoint cision Power your stories with CisionPoint, the fully integrated, on-demand PR Solution. Brandwatch acquired by Cision for USD $450M, creating a PR, marketing, & social listening giant: 26-Feb-2021, Online consumer intelligence & social media listening platform Brandwatch has been acquired by Cision, best known for its media monitoring & media contact database services. Brandwatch’s key executive team will be staying on. The move combines two large players to offer a broad range of services, from PR to marketing & online customer engagement. The deal is expected to close in the 2nd quarter 2021.

Crayon @Crayon a market intelligence company helping businesses track, analyze, & act on everything outside their four walls. Keep Sales Battle cards up-to-date seamlessly by integrating them with Crayon’s continuous feed of software-driven competitive intelligence (CI). Get alerts when new intel is ready to review, always staying in sync with market movements. Access battlecards wherever your sales team spends their time – available by desktop, mobile, or directly from within Salesforce CRM. Boston, MA, USA

diigo Collect: Save & tag your online resources for easy access anytime, anywhere. Annotate: Annotate web pages & PDFs directly as you browse online.

Oktopost media management platform. Helps you manage, measure, & monitor social media – all from one place. Measure the impact of every post, network, & campaign with rich social media analytics – designed to reach your B2B marketing goals.

OZMOSYS Organize Your Trusted Content in One Place: Manage Your Content, Blogs & Social more effectively with AI. OZMOSYS: Keep Your Team Informed. “Content Integration” provider of content aggregation, search, alerting & content delivery used by enterprises to control both information overload & overlook. Consolidates high-value information from leading content providers & publishers and removes barriers found in typical distribution methods. Customers worldwide rely on it to keep them more up-to-date & competitive. OZMOSYS Clipper, Alert Manager, & OpenAlerts (Competitive Intelligence)

pipedrive Web Visitors “Web Visitors”: Discover organizations from your website traffic that so far remained hidden, anonymous or unconverted. Track companies that visit your website, how they found out about you & your website, what they engaged with & how long they stayed. Use these insights to optimize your site’s content & tailor your outreach to new leads or existing customers, anticipating their needs before you even make contact. Web Visitors will automatically rank organizations based on their web activity. However, you can also use custom filters to segment your visitors by properties such as URL visited & organization location to help your sales team target their most ideal leads.

PHISHLABS @PhishLabs Digital Risk Protection through curated threat intelligence & complete mitigation. Brand Protection, Domain Monitoring, Social Media Protection, Account Takeover Protection, Advanced Email Protection, Executive Protection, Data Leak Detection. Charleston, SC, USA.

trendkite (“Intelligent Communications Platform that puts earned media at the heart of the marketing mix.”) TrendKite was acquired by Cision, provider of earned media software & services to public relations & marketing communications professionals.

SIGNAL AI powered media intelligence: Signal AI is an AI driven global solution provider for real-time unlimited information & insights for media monitoring, reputation management & market intelligence (MI).

Sendible Social Listening: Improve your client’s trustworthiness with social listening: Track brand, competitor & key industry terms to stay ahead of the curve. Amaze clients & followers by monitoring conversations & delighting them with quick responses. Stay one step ahead of competitors: Understand the social media landscape for your client’s industry by monitoring hashtags, relevant keywords & their competitors. Stay on top of trends, & be the first to engage with their prospects.

SocialAnimal @SocialAnimal_io Get deep insights, find influencers & get content inspiration for any keyword. Find & analyze top performing content for any topic or competitor. Find influencers who can amplify your content’s reach. United States

spyfu (“Download Your Competitors’ Most Profitable Keywords and Ads For Paid and Organic Search”) SEO/PPC analysis

talkwalker @talkwalker Empowering impactful digital communication teams globally with q social listening, analytics & influencer marketing software. Your extra set of eyes & ears. Monitors what’s happening on all social channels & online media in real-time, on all markets, in 187 languages. Find out what customers think about your campaigns, products, events, earnings calls & brands. Or track your brand awareness & message impact globally. Talkwalker Alerts free alternative to Google Alerts. The most important conversations on the internet (+Twitter) delivered to your inbox… Talkwalker Alerts delivers the top results & tweets that make up your digital footprint from across the web & Twitter to your inbox. Social media analytics filters out & cover the most important conversations – tweets with the most engagement – so you only receive the alerts that matter & can customize your strategy accordingly. Free marketing tool that includes results from social media. Talkwalker Inc. / TALKWALKER Sàrl, Luxembourg

Klue @kluein competitive intelligence software that helps Marketing & Enablement teams collect, curate, & deliver intel to Sales to close more deals. Track Competitors: Stay on top of the competition. Klue tracks relevant news & data and combines it with internal sources. Deeper competitive intelligence gives you the edge. Centralize Competitive Content: Update sales battlecards, collaborate, & deliver consumable competitive strategies in the tools your Sales reps use every day. Improve Sales Performance: Arm reps with sales strategies to be more effective in closing deals. Easily searchable sales battlecards give tactics to handle objections, deposition competitors, & leverage strengths. $800K in estimated revenue annually & competes with CI Radar, PlainSight Intel LLC, & Digimind. By KLUE LABS, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Kompyte @kompyte helps product, marketing & sales teams collect, organize & act on CI (competitive intelligence) to differentiate, provide unique value & earn market share. COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE FOR SALES ENABLEMENT: Differentiate & win more deals. Improve sales effectiveness with up-to-date intelligence on competitor pricing, products & promotions. $1M in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with Rival IQ, TrackMaven, & L2. Now saying they don’t compete with RivalIQ or Track Maven anymore, but their main competitors are Klue & Crayon. Intellikom, Inc., doing business as Kompyte. San Francisco, CA, USA & Barcelona, Spain


Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 3.22.48 @onclusive Formerly AirPR. Proprietary newscrawler which captures millions of pieces of earned, owned, & newswire content each month – more content than any other source. Onclusive provides media monitoring, which includes digital, newswire, print, broadcast, & radio coverage. Data science company for communications. San Francisco, CA

quip (by


(See above) @socialmention developed by @jonnyjon Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content. Real-time social media search & analysis.


Dropbox Paper

Google Keep (“Quickly capture what’s on your mind and share those thoughts with friends and family.”)

Kerboo Backlink software for link audits. Make the time intensive task of doing a link audit on your backlink profile as painless as possible. Identify where the risks & patterns lie in the backlink profile & move efficiently to create a disavow file. By creating a disavow file you can tell Google what links you no longer want to count towards ranking & therefore insure yourself from the build up of a dangerous amount of bad links.

Edelman intelligence (command center Edelman intelligence) Edelman Data & Intelligence (DxI): Global, multidisciplinary research, analytics & data consultancy with a distinctly human mission. We use data & intelligence to help businesses & organizations build trusting relationships with people: making communications more authentic, engagement more exciting & connections more meaningful. DxI brings together & integrates the necessary people-based PR, communications, social, research & exogenous data, as well as the technology infrastructure to create, collect, store & manage first-party data & identity resolution. DxI is comprised of 350+ research specialists, business scientists, data engineers, behavioral & machine-learning experts & data strategy consultants based in 15 markets around the world. Edelman & Cision agency partnership that combines Cision’s communications technology with Edelman’s suite of Performance Communications services. The advent of the communications cloud, true ROI measurement for communications, & the ability to integrate comms back into marketing and advertising at the individual audience level, will, over time, be as revolutionary as the marketing clouds have proven to be.

Right Relevance by Cronycle @cronycle Knowledge sharing workspace to foster learning & innovation in the enterprise

ciradar (“Spend More Time Acting on Competitive Intelligence and Less Time Searching for It”)

LinkMiner Find powerful backlinks you can replicate easily. LinkMiner is a backlink checker tool. Try or

majestic Find out who links to your website: Majestic maps the web to bring you the Link Intelligence data that you need to dominate your market. You don’t have to be an SEO to enjoy award-winning data from one of SEO’s most established brands. Searching for link prospects within a given industry? By inputting up to 10 different domains or URLs, Clique Hunter will find domains that are currently linking to more than one competitor. A way to find low hanging fruit for link building

meltwater (“Media Monitoring, Insights and more”)


PublicRelay @PublicRelay media analytics for communications & marketing pros at the world’s most recognizable brands, associations, universities & federal agencies. Transform media monitoring into media intelligence: Comprehensive coverage. Conceptual analysis. Executive reporting. PublicRelay discovers insights communicators can’t live without. Their human-AI hybrid makes conceptual insights possible. Leave messy, automated tone behind with precise sentiment & messaging – for all companies, topics, & concepts mentioned in your content. Tysons Corner, VA Backlink Tool / Links checker. Check your competitor’s backlink profile.


cognitive SEO Site Explorer: Link Research to Spot Growth Opportunities & Investigate Rankings for Your Site & Competitors.


Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 4.41.48 measurable results from online marketing:
Do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC & social media marketing from one platform.

sourcescrub (“M&A Software for Deal Origination: Revolutionize your deal sourcing & tracking efforts with the SourceScrub M&A platform. Learn more about the technology & its solutions”) from Sibiu, Romania.

Wonder Wonder @AskWonder Get Smart. Fast. Wonder is the ultimate on-demand research assistant for consultants, agencies, entrepreneurs, & the chronically curious.

Small tools for links (“Open multiple links with a single click!”) URL Opener Open a whole list of URLs at the same time (“Transforms your non-clickable multiple links into clickables.”)

flipboard one place to find the stories for your day, bringing together your favorite news sources with social content, to give a deep view into everything…

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