A decade of tracking the Sales Enablement market and trends

I’m reflecting on my journey in the Sales Enablement space.

2017 actually marks the 10 year anniversary of me tracking the Sales Enablement market.

I started to research the market players in 2007 and started to blog here on February 25, 2009.

Paul KrajewskiOver time many vendors merged, changed owners or went out of business and new ones keep on popping up. My count is over 185.

I published a…

I actually just added a vendor today:

CantoCanto canto.com @canto Digital Sales Enablement: Digital asset management empowers your sales team by improving efficiency & creating new business opportunities. A DAM system makes your valuable media files available where you need them, any time. Sales reps never need to worry if they’re carrying all the relevant documents & presentations when meeting clients — all important sales collateral are accessible from their mobile device, laptop/tablet with fast, meta data-driven search & preview capabilities. Content is always up-to-date & ready to use. Social DAM features make digital collaboration easier & faster than ever. Build .ppt decks from pre-approved slides that are guaranteed to have the latest version. With Cumulus & DAM you can do that & more. Germany & San Francisco, USA

Despite all this, I’m getting something very similar to the following email every 2 months – like clockwork…

“I came across your blog while researching the Sales Enablement space for a company with a sales enablement tool in beta. Would you be open to a quick chat and explore the opportunity of working together for the short term? I’m sure we could use your expertise to understand the sales enablement market and user needs better. Thanks.”

…and I always respond with something like this:

“An integration with salesforce.com is what you will see at the top of the list. If you target startups, then a Slack integration would be a quick win. There are so many vendors & solutions out there from lightweight to enterprise grade, from freemium to million dollar deployments, etc…

I have seen more than 18 vendors enter this market and shut down already [without being purchased]. Many more had to sell or partner to survive. It is a very crowded market, because so many companies & sales experts used to have no tool for their sales people (or too many), then built one for their own use, and are trying to sell it to external customers now.

At this point, I would really warn anyone who wants to enter this market: You can burn a lot of money & never get profitable: The moment you have a customer, they will ask for so many changes & features that you will keep building something that either already exists (but they don’t want to combine many tools & ask you to build one that can do everything) or you will build something that only works for them and no other customer.

There have been sales enablement solutions that became too sophisticated and you needed to train their users. There have been sales enablement solutions that were really lightweight small widgets shown in PowerPoint to add slides into auto-generated presentations, but still did not successfully compete in this market place.

It is a tricky one with more and more 800-pound gorillas!”

Sales Enablement market deathwatch

The complete list of Sales Enablement market players to export/download is here.

Please let me (@SalesEnablement) know if I got anything wrong in this Sales Enablement market deathwatch from 12-Sep-2021.

I’m more than happy to resurrect you!

  • 2 comma sales 2commasales.com PlaybookPro: Custom-built web-based application to access, capture, organize & present all necessary product, marketing & sales information that you already have within your enterprise (typically scattered in many different places).
  • AMACUS amacus.net by innovative information Inc. “Improving sales productivity by letting reps see the buyer impacts of sales efforts.” Vancouver, Canada
  • AppGlu appglu.com custom branded ready-to-run mobile apps for sales teams that can be created in minutes through a self-service dashboard. Arm reps with custom branded mobile apps that contain your company’s most current product information, marketing collateral & sales presentations. Ensure reps have instant access to the most current marketing/sales materials, even when offline. Make meetings more engaging, productive, & measurable through in-app analytics. Ready-to-run enterprise mobile apps as a service. SF, CA
  • Appnetic Mobile appnetic.com @AppneticMobile Non-coders can build custom mobile SALES ENABLEMENT apps. Go MOBILE, organize your marketing assets & SELL MORE. Washington DC or Herndon, Virginia, USA
  • Asdeq Labs asdeqworkforce.com @AsdeqDocs (acquired by Bigtincan on 5-Sep-2019) developer of mobile document management systems for companies. Enterprise mobility content management solution that enables the secure & automatic synchronization of corporate documents to & from employee’s tablets and smartphones. Secure Mobile Document Management — Enabling the Enterprise to regain control of their mobile data. $0.4M in estimated revenue annually. San Francisco, California, United States. Hobart, Australia
  • Attivio attivio.com (ServiceNow as of October 2019) unified information access platform: Active Intelligence Engine AIE ingests both structured & semi-structured data, Big Data & unstructured content from a wide variety of databases, document repositories, content management systems, email systems, websites, social media & file servers. Boston, MA. ServiceNow acquires Attivio IP, core technology, & select R&D talent; expects to complete the acquisition by the end of Q4 2019.
  • AvayaLive™ Engage web conferencing in virtual 3D environments for meetings, training, sales & support. Collaborative web browsing & accessing/presenting marketing material in on-demand, web-based, immersive collaboration environments. I worked on this during my time at Nortel Networks.
  • Brandobility brandobility.com brand content management between partners, offices, & teams. Division of NAPC comprised of brand industry experts. Value Added Service Provider, Brandobility helped US-based Bynder clients implement their brand portal solutions.
  • Brick Street Software brickstreetsoftware.com @brickstreetsw more on the marketing automation side of things: Their solution called CONNECT is multichannel marketing for carrying on conversations with customers & prospects over multiple devices as they go about their day. With its single platform architecture, you have unified views of each consumer—across all channels to engage, drive sales, and develop loyal relationships. Offices in Toronto, Boston & elsewhere.
  • Bridge Metrics bridgemetrics.com Extend the value of your marketing assets by enabling your channel & partner sales and marketing teams to customize, distribute & track content on the fly! Texas, US
  • BizSphere was a suite of Sales Enablement software solutions for global enterprises with a complex portfolio [of products, services, & solutions] and large sales force / channel partners. The team responsible for the user interface & core concepts moved on to MING Labs minglabs.com and I’m preserving some of the content here on this blog under the tag bizsphere.
  • blueKiwi bluekiwi.io bluekiwi-software.com acquired by Atos. Enterprise social software for people-centric organizations to create social networks & collaborative environments with partners, customers, & colleagues. blueKiwi Pro: social software. blueKiwi software had $7.1M in revenue annually & competed with Jamespot, Yammer, & Jive Software. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
  • cc Loop (mailing lists with power for search and document discovery behind them) ccloop.com
  • cegeka’s Swiftslide swiftslide.eu Make your sales easier, better & more efficient. Delivers up-to-date content straight from your Marketing department to Sales when & where they need it. Improves communication between these two key departments & optimizes the sales process to prospects. Everything can be done remotely, with improved results, instant feedback & an overview one click away!
  • changeBEAT changebeat.com UK based
  • Chatlets Chatlets.ai @Chatletsai platform enabling personalized micro conversions through conversational interfaces. Not your average sales bot: Curate content. Personalize experiences. Convert more leads. Builds dynamic conversations with relevant content to move B2B prospects through the sales funnel faster. Mountain View, CA, US
  • Chemistry usechemistry.com @usechemistry enterprise web & tablet technology built to align Sales & Marketing through 3 of the most critical components: Digital asset management, integrated data collection, & customized sales tools. Used to compete with SETVI, SKURA, & Distribion. Kansas City, MO, USA (Website offline since 5-Feb-2020)
  • Collected collected.io Don’t just store your files. Use them. Find your old proposals, notes, reports, and more, as you work. For sales & marketing proposals, legal briefs, press releases, social media blogging, etc. Easily connect Collected to your cloud-stored content: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, enterprise support and custom deployments for SharePoint, Salesforce, & more. Pittsburgh, PA
  • Compendian compendian.com US based vendor with a solution named CollaboRate: Capturing & capitalizing on the corporate assets & tribal knowledge organizations already have. Delivering knowledge & assets to the people who need them, right when they need them.
  • Combionic combionic.com collaboration software connects people, processes, & information in context & across applications. Enabling sales people & partner organizations with a slide library. Drag & drop slides to a plug-in right within PowerPoint to have all the context/tags captured automatically & the slides are already uploaded / available in the cloud based slide library, which works great for accessing & generating on the fly from tablets. Experts in compliance software & work flows. Germany & Switzerland
  • Compelligence compelligence.com 15-Nov-2018: Relaunched company name, brand & website: CompeteiQ competeiq.io @competeiq Competitive intelligence platform built for sales: Win intelligently, intelligent sales battle cards, integrated win/loss workflow, track news, website changes & trends, Salesforce AppExchange certified. Founded by CI professionals who saw, sales teams consistently want customized CI data specific to their deal & CI analysts constantly make custom Excel sheets & slide decks. Often competitive content is located in different places in the company & difficult for sales teams to locate quickly. Executives want up-to-date information on industry threats & trends. There’re few effective means for collecting competitive information from multiple parts of the company. Pismo Beach, CA
  • Creative Cafe creativecafehq.com mix&match Slides for presentation & sharing: Creative Cafe develops sets of slide-style modular content units that sales reps can choose from as needed to easily customize documents & presentations to share with prospects in person or across digital channels. A collective of senior-level creatives with a proven track record in B2B content development & design, founded by Leslie A. Hancock, content marketing & sales enablement consultant. One way to align Marketing & Sales is to ensure that there is content available for every stage of the sales funnel to empower salespeople to convert leads to prospects & prospects to customers. Another way to align Marketing & Sales is to cross-pollinate, with representatives from both departments periodically meeting, sharing strategies, providing real-world updates, etc. Turned into B2B Sales Content b2bsalescontent.com MICRO-AGENCY, AUSTIN, Texas
  • Crushpath crushpath.com B2B customer acquisition service. Became part of Glimmer, the first pipeline generation platform. San Francisco
  • Digital Sales Room digitalsalesroom.com @DigitalSalesRom tool to help you achieve more wins from your sales proposals. Creates a space which is shared with your prospects & includes all the information they need to make the decision to buy from you. High levels of competition mean that the demands on sales leaders & enablement teams to make sales proposals stand out from the crowd are increasing. Digital Sales Room helps you easily achieve this – quality delivery of comprehensive & relevant content position your bid head & shoulders above the rest. angel.co/company/digital-sales-room Leeds, UK
  • Direxxis Marketing dmEDGE direxxismarketing.com Distributed Marketing Portal 3-Mar-2015 Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. acquired Direxxis LLC, provider of cloud-based marketing solutions & services, to expand its suite of solutions for wealth & asset managers. Financial advisors are moving from a mass marketing approach to data-driven strategies in which timely content can be tailored & distributed through both traditional & emerging channels
  • DocShare docshare.io @docshareio Track document opening & performance with easy to share weblinks.
  • Docurated docurated.com (offline as of 15-Nov-2020) @docurated quark.com sales enablement & sales asset management platform. Powered content recommendations with AI & predictive analytics. Faster deck creation, Access the newest & most relevant content, Assemble new pitches in minutes, Pitch better & more often, Seamless integration with existing file storage, Automatic indexing & visualization of content, Mobile & desktop access. NYC, NY, USA. Their inception was in 2012; now part of Quark Software, Inc. Denver, CO. 6-Dec-2017, Quark Software announced it acquired Docurated.
  • DTI dxform.io @Dxforminc “enables leaders, tech teams & sales forces to perform at the highest levels”. Digital Transformation & Sales Transformation. If you want to better enable your sellers and frontline managers, and transform your sales force to generate and win more opportunities, we can help. Our Sales Enablement Services include: Sales Readiness Diagnostics, Buyer Persona Development, Sales Playbook Development, Sales Enablement Advisory Services, Sales Enablement Support Services. Now: Fast Lane Digital fastlane.digital sales transformation & enablement services based on a learning system and designed & developed to provide solutions for effectively competing in a marketplace where integration to digital technologies is now the norm. Raleigh, NC
  • EchoJunction echojunction.com.au @EchoJunction Social Selling / Social media strategy & marketing: A collision of enterprise IT, big data & social media. Matches the appropriate tools to your enterprise wide needs. Sells & implements enterprise level cloud based social media software. Part of the Plaut IT services group, EchoJunction can also perform any complex IT integration services required (e.g. integrating to an existing CRM or ERP system). Founder: Adam Fraser @adamf2014 Sydney, Australia. Sydney, 29th January, 2019: EY strengthens technology transformation services with […] acquisition. “The team from EchoJunction, a small, specialist enterprise focused on the CMO execution agenda and marketing technology, will also join EY.”
  • Emcien emcien.com @Emcien Predictive Analytics for the real world. Makes predictive analytics easy so you can focus on your business. Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Enable5 former VONICAL vonical.com full-service agency that spun out its enablement software as a service under the name ENABLE5 enable5.com (HQ Ottawa, Canada; also Japan, Ireland, London UK, San Fran USA) Last tweet was Feb 20, 2016.
  • Envisica envisica.com Alberta, Canada based firm more on the “consulting for Sales Enablement” side of things. Wayne Regehr, President at Envisica Inc. used to be Vice President at SAP Canada, Inc.
  • fision fisiononline.com @fisiononline Marketing Automation & Sales Enablement Cloud Platform. Minneapolis, MN, USA. Fision Corp OTCMKTS: FSSN
  • Glimmer glimmer.us the first pipeline generation platform. Crushpath became part of Glimmer
  • Genwi genwi.com @Genwi puts the power of information in the hands of sales teams. We make it easy for sales reps to find, share and track content interactions via mobile. crunchbase.com/organization/genwi Had $1.4M in revenue annually & used to compete with Highspot, Seismic, & Bigtincan. Joined twitter May 2008. Acquired by Persistent Systems. Announced Date Apr 1, 2016. San Jose, CA
  • hubPitch hubpitch.com @hubpitch_corp sales follow-up software for content sharing & communication with customers. Boost customer engagement by providing multiple pieces of content in your sales pitch. Bundle – Sales App: Engage your customers with more relevant material + ability to share internally. Increase deal sizes & shorten your sales cycle when customers know exactly what your product offers. “Upload every important document or video into one sales presentation, then collaborate to close deals faster. Create a Custom Sales Pitch with a Video & Document combo. Eliminate excess product demos & unnecessary meetings. Receive more insight to who your buyers are & what is most important to them.” Seattle, WA
  • Illumineto illumineto.com @IlluminetoSpark Cloud-hosted, mobile-ready SaaS application which helps B2B sales professionals quickly find, package & deliver information most relevant to a prospect’s specific buying need. (Sales reps spend more than 30% of their time looking for content. 50% of the time they never find what they need.) Search personal, corporate & shared content sources. Integrates with your personal & corporate cloud storage, video & CRMs. Hours of unnecessary effort are eliminated from the reps’ day, resulting in more sales wins. As a subject matter expert, share that knowledge through your Spark pages & content. Maryland, US
  • Immediately immediatelyapp.com cross-platform email tool for salespeople designed to enable closing deals from anywhere, as opportunities happen. Track from your phone & computer when your emails get opened, get reminders to follow up with leads, offer suitable meeting times, and use email templates for sales pitches. “Sales, or closing deals in general, is no longer a 9-to-5 job. You’re always selling, always closing. If you don’t, your competition will. And so having perfectly-timed actionable information, and the right tools to take action, is the winning formula. We give you both, as opportunities happen, immediately.” San Francisco
  • immer-uptodate (German: “immer” means “always”) immer-uptodate.net Enterprise Social Network Software. Create closed groups for [sales] people to exchange knowledge & documents.
  • inboundli inbound.li @inboundli Content curation platform. A curation platform that automates content search & distribution. We use AI to help multiply content output on key marketing channels. Berlin, Germany. Halifax Data Labs, Inc., Halifax, NS, Canada. Out of business since 2019? Website down since 30-Mar-2021.
  • Infinite Possibilities in-pl.com Instructor-led & Digital Sales Enablement Platform. Our mission is to help Sales Teams be more productive through Enablement & Sales tools. The platform will enable sales people to learn world class sales skills & provide tangible metrics to measure sales effectiveness. Developed by SIB Infotech. Kondivita, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • iPresent iPresent.com @iPresentapp sales engagement platform. “Same message, same content, same branding across multiple platforms and devices. Run iPresent on all the major mobile platforms.” Run a tablet alongside a phone on one user license. 5-Sep-2019, Mediafly acquired iPresent Ltd. Hampshire, UK & Sunnyvale, California, USA
  • ItaQuod ItaQuod.com @ItaQuod Close Business Now – Sales teams are more efficient, consistent & predictable. Close Business Tomorrow – The rest of the organization has direct access to clear, concise information required to evolve messaging, solutions & partnerships for future success. “The right data, in the right place… easily captured, collaborated on & consumed.” RADNOR, PA, USA
  • Kemvi kemvi.com AI-powered growth automation for B2B sales & marketing teams. Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to help sales teams. Launched DeepGraph, a product that analyzes public data so that salespeople can identify the best time (say, after a job change or the publication of an article) to reach out to potential customers. It also proactively reaches out to verify leads. Acquired by HubSpot. Announced Date: Jul 25, 2017. Had $3M in revenue annually & used to compete with Scoop.it, feedly, & Kapost. crunchbase.com/organization/kemvi San Francisco, California, USA
  • KiCube apps to drag & drop your marketing content to build an interactive story for the devices used by your sales force. Austin, TX
  • KnoBis knobis.co @knobis_kb KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM: Somewhere along the way, Knowledge Base got really hard to use. Simple, intuitive & requires no training. SALES ENABLEMENT: Ensure better synchronization between sales & marketing teams, & provide sales reps with the entire arsenal needed to close deals. INTRANET & CONTENT REPOSITORY: Create your own intranet with an interactive content repository, allowing employees to contribute, collaborate & share. By Bellurbis Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
  • KnowledgeTree knowledgetree.com (was acquired by SAVO Group; announced Jun 12, 2017. Then on May 8, 2018, it was announced that Seismic acquires SAVO Group) Right content, right time, right in salesforce.com – Sales teams sell more when they use effective presentations, data sheets, & case studies. Makes sales enablement easy by surfacing the best content for any sales process – instantly in salesforce.com
  • Kraams kraams.com an iPad app that was hoping to become the sales platform of choice for small businesses reliant on face-to-face pitches with clients. The point of the app was to enable users to easily tweak their story lines for any given presentation & to change tack in the middle of that same meeting. Founded in Poland by a group of advertising vets, the idea was that there is no better way to achieve credibility with a client than to deliver a customized pitch. The app placed product images on cards, which the salesperson could shuffle, group, & swipe away in reaction to the client’s responses: More agile than slideshow programs, especially relevant when appealing to only a few people’s opinions. In addition to programs like PowerPoint & Keynote, it was directly competing against customizable sales apps like Showpad/StoryDesk. The differentiating point was the emphasis on targeting SOHO & SME businesses, since many other apps are oriented toward serving large companies & supporting the whole sales process. Poland
  • Landslide Technologies landslide.com resource library for easy sharing, retrieval & managing j2 Global, Inc. acquired it. See j2global.com or campaignercrm.com
  • Leadstalk.pro leadstalk.pro small vendor/agency focused on Mauritius
  • LearnCore – On June 5, 2018, Showpad (around since 2011) acquired LearnCore (provider of sales training & coaching software) to deliver an integrated Sales Enablement platform: Sales content, engagement, training & coaching. The combined company will have 350 employees globally.
  • LiveHive livehiveapp.com @LiveHive allows channel managers to gain live insight into partner selling activities. iOS app / single destination to get the most current business documents, campaigns and product materials and then analyzes who is using what & which materials are most helpful to channel partners. San Jose, CA, US (Last tweet was 5-May-2017 and website is down)
  • LIA liaapp.com was a mobile platform for the distribution of real-time content between marketing and sales teams at Global 2000 companies. Acquiring Organization: Showpad (SaaS platform for sales and marketing success) Announced Date: Mar 16, 2016 mobile app that pushes correct sales materials to each rep & then sends analytics back to management to help sales & marketing be more effective together. Old brand: LiberatedIntelligence.com Digital Asset Manager
  • Logenta works with with leaders across enterprise sales, advice, marketing, & compliance to optimise & automate data-driven client engagement, massively increase sales productivity, & provide invaluable sales intelligence. Logenta is a premier partner & investor in SalesPreso that is being used in Telstra, REA Group, MYOB & Australia Post to integrate with their CRM & other systems to dramatically improve productivity for their sales teams, relevance for their customers, & insights for their management teams. (See SalesPreso / LivePreso). Cremorne, VIC, Australia
  • MobileForce Software (former name fonemine?) Sales Velocity by mobileforcesoftware.com @MobileForceSW making it easy for field sales teams to work smart via a next-generation mobile engagement & productivity solution that delivers contextually relevant information, at the right time, on any device. Uniquely connects to a wide variety of cloud & on-premise enterprise applications & data sources, automatically orchestrating & synthesizing the information into contextually-relevant user experiences that shorten sales cycles, reduce cost of sales, & gives field reps more “selling time” back in their day. Sunnyvale, CA
  • myDocket mydocket.com @myDocketApp You email a ton of collateral to your customers. How do you know they actually read it? Docket was created in Austin, Texas by veterans of Jive Software, Salesforce.com & Solarwinds. Austin, TX, USA crunchbase.com/organization/mydocket
  • Nexd / Olono olono.ai (previous name nexd.io @nexd_ai) @OlonoAI sales orchestration. Intelligent next best actions that improve win rates & quota attainment. Real-time guided selling for B2B sales organizations. SaaS-based solution: Leverages the sales & marketing application investments organizations have already made, capturing all sales activity from any source—then delivers Intelligent Next Best Actions that increase engagement & improve win rates for AE’s & AM’s. Austin, Texas, US. 3-Oct-2019InsightSquared insightsquared.com @insightsquared, provider of revenue intelligence solutions, acquired Olono. Together, InsightSquared & Olono offer an end-to-end revenue operations (RevOps) platform, connecting your sales & marketing data with historical & realtime activity & engagement data to boost sales execution & grow revenue. InsightSquared had estimated $9M in annual revenue & Olono estimated $5.1M
  • Nolinio nolinio.com @nolinio platform that enables to easily distribute content & tools within attractive, customizable, mobile apps. “Put an end to bulky, out-dated 3-ring binders, catalogs & brochures & enable your team to easily find, use & share the information they need at the moment they are talking to customers or making decisions.” Their most recent social media posts were from 2016 & their CTO left that year. They seem to only upkeep Clipper Magazine’s mobile sales enablement solution [for their national sales force of 500 reps] & Berk-Tek Industries Sales Enablement solution for 130 direct & distributor sales representatives. Lancaster, PA, US
  • Nudge Software neednudge.com nudge.ai @nudgeai a social selling app that helps you grow the right relationships from your network of weak connections. We Believe That trust trumps content and your network is your net worth. We’re bringing the business world closer together one Nudge at a time. Their Co-Founder & CTO is Steve Woods, who was Co-Founder & CTO of Eloqua from its inception in 1999 through IPO & acquisition by Oracle in 2012. Find + nurture relationships, generate + accelerate pipeline, & build revenue growth. Used to have $310K in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with Datanyze, Clearbit, & InsideView. Out of business as of 21-Jan-2020. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. SAN FRANCISCO, CA — March 11, 2020 — Affinity affinity.co, a relationship intelligence platform, announced the acquisition of Nudge, a revenue intelligence platform designed to build relationships & grow sales. Affinity acquired the Nudge technology as well as the company’s Intellectual Property & the majority of its product & engineering team. This will enable Affinity to accelerate its new relationship intelligence product geared towards sales teams, which is due out later 2020.
  • Omni-Share omni-share.com cloud-based CMS Sales Enablement & Marketing business tools: Empowers ‘heads’ of sales & marketing teams to quickly create, manage & distribute innovative presentations & content live to their employee’s desktop, tablet & mobile no matter where they are located in the world. Omni-Share is a brand of Clarity International, London, UK
  • Ontuitive ontuitive.com @Ontuitive (Former name learning guide solutions?) recommends resources relevant to the selected products, market segment, competitors, sales process stage, etc. Pushes contextually relevant resources directly within the Salesforce.com record without the need to access a separate portal or search. Ontuitive’s solution is a Force.com application which is installed and fully integrated with your instance of Salesforce.com. Netherlands, UK, USA. Denver, CO (Seems dead since July 2019)
  • Perperitus Sales solution perperitus.com @Perperitus (UK)
  • PointDrive pointdrive.com @Point_Drive lets you package up, personalize, & track the materials you share throughout the closing process. A smarter way to deliver sales content. Sales-oriented application that improves the way you share content with customers. Just as fast as sending an email, but streamlines information in a sophisticated, easy-to-absorb format. Simply import your LinkedIn profile, logo & contact information. Arrange links, maps, documents, & videos—plus any files from Dropbox or a shared drive. Add a narrative that walks the customer through it all, just like you’d do in person. Now you possess a cohesive, branded presentation that’s on target to boost sales. Chicago PointDrive acquired by LinkedIn. Announced Date: Jul 26, 2016
  • Postwire postwire.com looks like Pinterest for Sales Enablement. Share videos, photos, links, & documents in a visual way. Aims to be the hub of all business content & with a mission to change the business-to-business sales process. Freemium business model. Lexington, MA, USA. Sococo sococo.com @sococo & Postwire “Blast Off Together”: merger
  • pptshuffle pptshuffle.com PPTshuffle & PPTshare / Ontra Presentations (See @Shufflrr shufflrr.com still in business) NYC, NY, USA
  • Pressly Sep. 7, 2017, Vision Critical @visioncritical announced its acquisition of Pressly @pressly a Toronto-based software company. Vision Critical provides customer relationship intelligence software that improves customer relationships to grow customer lifetime value. Vancouver, Canada
  • ProductByCloud productbycloud.com platform that connects the entire sales side of the business in real time. Gives reps access to the most important information on your solutions & how to sell them, anywhere on any device. Improves sales performance by heightening expertise & connecting team members – even the most remote ones. While clients have done their research & planning, what they still require is an expert partner to challenge their assumptions, provide real insight & guide them to a good decision. The role of the Sales Rep evolved: Expert on industry issues, solution details, the competitive landscape & how to best structure a solution. speakfeel.ca speakfeel.io SpeakFeel Corporation, Guelph, ON, Canada
  • Qurious qurious.io (Founder @Sabrina_Atienza) Real-Time Voice A.I. To Drive Sales. AI helps you to create a superstar sales team!
  • RISEcx former SpinRiot spinriot.com founded in 2012, Portland, Oregon now RISEcx risecx.com A scalable way to deliver adaptive content strategies to support unique customer experiences. Cloud based collaboration platform, easy to deploy, easy to learn, easy to use. Your brand powered by data driven marketing so you can see what’s working. Seamless interactive presentation created from your existing assets (video, PDF, PowerPoint, images, YouTube).
  • RO|innovation (RO|enablement) roinnovation.com RO Innovation acquired by Upland Software. Announced Date Jun 28, 2018. Price $12.5M
  • SalesBean salesbean.com @SalesBean a platform to align your sales team with everyone else in the organization. Mobile (iPad or Android application) or web platform. Sales Enablement Hub for Accelerating Sales. Seamless synchronize the most important sales documents to your mobile device. Atlanta, GA
  • SalesBrief salesbrief.com @SalesBrief SaaS technology company focused on improving the way B2B companies sell products & services. A digital sales room for each of your deals, curated specifically for your prospects’ needs. SalesBrief analyzes the prospects that are most interested in your story, and delivers the content that will get them to sign on the dotted line. Marketing collateral & sales proposals are easier to find & faster to deliver using SalesBrief. Providence, Rhode Island, US
  • Sales Enablement Centre member of the FD Centre Family of Corporations. Former operators that design & implement sales enablement solutions that grow your business. Tailored project solutions combining expertise from Functional Practices in Consulting, Talent, Data Analytics & Tools to impact business insight, sales coverage & deployment, product/services delivery, sales reporting, account planning, & use of sales talent. Vaughan, ON, Canada. Then GrowthPoint growthpoint.io Mississauga, ON, Canada. 18-Dec-2018: Accounting & consulting firm Grant Thornton LLP purchased Mississauga, ON–based GrowthPoint Advisory Services.
  • Sales Gym 360 salesgym360.com @SalesGym360 helps improve the performance of sales teams. Egham, England
  • SalesKB SalesKB.com
  • Salespatron salespatron.com mobile-first sales enablement solution: Easily distribute any sales content to your sales reps with a single click/tap & ensure only the latest content gets used. With advanced analytics, find out how your content gets used in the field & align sales & marketing goals. Find out how your content gets used & create better content. Have a structured analytical way to know which pieces of sales content gets used more often than others & by whom. Use these insights to create even better content next time to improve rep productivity. Increase ROI on marketing content by helping reps close more deals. Reps gets insights on how clients are engaging with their emailed sales content with analytics (when was content opened, which pages were read & for how long). Allows reps to follow-up smarter & close more deals. Reps have all content available at their fingertips neatly organized & updated any time on any device, even offline. New Delhi, India
  • SalesProQuo salesproquo.com @SalesProQuo Sales intelligence platform designed for – & built by – the sales community. SPEND LESS TIME RESEARCHING & MORE TIME SELLING: Combines artificial intelligence with crowdsourced data to provide all the information you need to start selling faster. Close more deals fast by using machine learning to transform data into actionable intelligence. Tap into the hidden power of the sales community to unlock the knowledge of other salespeople. Venice, LA
  • SalesWedge saleswedge.com @SalesWedge like eHarmony for sales. Account executives can instantaneously find their counterparts in an alliance to get insight and referrals into accounts. Executives can measure partner engagement & impact. “Alliance enablement tool” Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Salient6 salient6.com Designers/builders of portals/applications that drive business results & a prototype Sales Enablement tool to “increase the productivity of your sales force”. Salient6 is a consulting company creating end-to-end solutions that realize the full business value of the SharePoint platform. Bellevue, WA
  • Salire salire.com @saliresales sales enablement company reclaiming the wasted time in a sales person’s day. Products designed to help Sales Leaders be more effective at managing both their teams & the client. Seattle, WA
  • SAVO Group May 8, 2018, it was announced that Seismic acquires SAVO Group which had acquired KnowledgeTree knowledgetree.com (12-Jun-’17)
  • Scepos scepos.com Sales & Marketing Automation Software: The best way to manage and optimize your Marketing & Sales resources. The right content at the right moment easily accessible. Netherlands based / Dutch
  • SellsPad SA former TappCtrl tappctrl.com now branded as SellsPad sellspad.it @SellsPad Take orders on the go right from your tablet. Always up to date, fast & secure. Improve your sale cycle efficiency. Have the right information at the right time: Documents, presentations, client info, catalog, etc. even when you are offline. Simplify reporting for the people in the field & get detailed information about what really happens in the field. Brussels, Belgium
  • Sendbloom sendbloom.com @sendbloom beautiful, seamless prospecting automation software that helps teams structure, automate & optimize their inside sales processes. The sales organizations at LinkedIn, BMC, Pure Storage, & hundreds of other enterprises rely on Sendbloom daily to increase sales velocity & empower their global initiatives. San Francisco. Feb. 22, 2017, ClearSlide, Sales Engagement Platform, & Sendbloom, Prospecting Automation Software, announced a partnership & integration to increase sales velocity & improve business results. December 12, 2017, ClearSlide joined Corel Corporation. ClearSlide clearslide.com had acquired SlideRocket to let you create & edit presentations in the cloud with slide-by-slide analytics.
  • Sendside sendside.net Customer Communication Platform & Secure Communication Network. Goes beyond simple security and takes electronic communication to a new level enabling high-impact, interactive, one-to-one communications between an organization and its clients, customers and/or prospects via the web. Sendside Deliver: Secure, cloud-based message & document delivery service. Unlike email & other paper-based methods, it helps simplify gathering important documents relating to a transaction and send them to interested parties.
  • SenseDoc sensedoc.com gives you content recommendations as you write docs or create slides. The product analyzes your work as you write then shows content from your hard drive, shared folders & the Internet to pull right into the doc. No more searching through files, googling images or asking for the latest slide on Yammer. We use machine learning techniques, cloud storage & the enterprise social graph to figure out what to recommend & when. Our team has spent 12 months coding a system that can analyze 200k document sub-parts & return highly relevant content recommendations within 0.2s. We work natively with PowerPoint & Word – just a simple plugin – within many different authoring apps & on the web. San Francisco, California, US
  • ShineCX (SHINE CX PTY LTD. ABN cancelled Nov 2018) Sales & marketing enablement + automation. Bringing a Sales Enablement software platform to market (some focus on APAC). SHINE CX PTY LTD incorporated 2015, Brisbane, Australia. At least for Australia they seemed to partner with RISEcx [Out of business] developed a platform that leverages the convergence of education, sales & marketing. Connecting to Salesforce Healthcloud to be Healthcloud’s first integration partner as they enter the field of Patient Engagement. RISEcx used to be SpinRiot spinriot.com founded in 2012, Portland, Oregon now branded as RISEcx risecx.com A scalable way to deliver adaptive content strategies to support unique customer experiences. Cloud based collaboration platform, easy to deploy, easy to learn, easy to use. Your brand powered by data driven marketing so you can see what’s working. Seamless interactive presentation created from your existing assets (video, PDF, PowerPoint, images, YouTube).
  • showcase showcasecloud.com @showcase_cloud Catalog, order, & file management app system for sales & marketing professionals. Content at your Fingertips: Sales reps have all of the most recent content they need right where they can always find it. Easy to update: Marketers & managers rejoice! Showcase lets you distribute sales collateral in a few clicks. Boost sales effectiveness: Forget paper & dump the big screen. Professionally engage prospects with stunning visuals, from your tablet. Showcase HQ, Logic Solutions, Ann Arbor, MI (website shutdown 9-Jun-’19)
  • SKURA Legacy Product skura.com then Indegene acquired Skura omnipresence.io now exeevo.com Also see klyck.io (which used to be WHUT whut.com see below)
  • Snaphud snaphud.com @snaphud Engage all stakeholders in one professional deal space and close more sales. Brings inside sales reps & all decision makers together in one deal space where they can engage in the sale. Lose your champion and your deal/account dies! If you need a highly effective way to grow from single to multi-threaded in your sales, we’ve got you covered. Toronto, Ontario
  • Solutions for Sales solutionsforsales.com
  • SpinRiot (See risecx.com out of business) spinriot.com founded in 2012, Portland, Oregon
  • SteelBrick Salesforce rebrands SteelBrick as Salesforce CPQ after buying the quote-to-cash vendor SteelBrick for $360M on Dec 23, 2015.
  • StoryDesk storydesk.com application that allows marketers & sales teams to create interactive iPad presentations to help increase sales. Dec 19, 2014, Showpad acquired StoryDesk for an undisclosed amount
  • Stratascope stratascope.com
  • Trapit trap.it @trapit platform for employee advocacy & social selling. Empower employees on social media with content. Organize your advocates into teams, discover original content, optimize your content for social networks, and analyze your results. Type in a keyword or point us to a URL to create a “trap”, and we’ll quickly deliver you content that’s relevant. Your traps are updated constantly with fresh content, so you’re always up-to-date. Looking for something more specific? Our robust search feature will give you the precision you’re looking for. San Francisco & Portland, USA. Trapit was acquired by ScribbleLive in May 2017. “The ScribbleLive Plan product allows marketers to document content strategies, publish content to collaborative channels,…” (Rock Content acquired ScribbleLive on Dec 10, 2019. Rock Content: SaaS, Marketplace. Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil)
  • TribalKnowledge.tv Thought Action Group thoughtactiongroup.com was developing as a new organization with a portfolio of sales enablement services. adaptivesalesteam.wordpress.com also shut down.
  • ToutApp toutapp.com (Now owned by Marketo / Adobe Systems) sales communications Platform. Close more deals faster with the power of tracking, templates & real-time lead scoring. Fits into Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce & more. Share trackable presentations & documents. Schedule delivery. Track when emails are opened, links are clicked, your leads visit your corporate website, & when your presentation/documents are viewed. Share templates, best practices & analytics across sales & marketing. Gain data on what type of messaging drives results. Train new hires with a template library. Increase collaboration & communication across the team. SF, CA. On April 19, 2017, Marketo acquired ToutApp: $7M in revenue annually & competes with Velocify, Inc., Outreach, & SalesLoft.
  • Unomy unomy.com @UnomyApp used to provide in-depth sales & marketing intelligence on more than 6 million companies around the world. Acquired by WeWork. Unomy is no longer being offered as a service & has been permanently shut down as of September 20th, 2017. Israel, USA
  • UpSync UpSync.com @upsync Sales Process Empowerment & Presentation Tool for web, iPhone, & iPad. Boulder, CO, USA (Out of business?)
  • Voicefox voicefox.com @voicefoxHQ AI-driven smart recording tool. Record & capture highlights from your video meetings / online meetings smart recording / notetaker / meeting assistant. London, England Nov. 14, 2018, Showpad sales enablement platform for sellers, acquired meeting intelligence software Voicefox to help with seller productivity, buyer engagement/experience. By recording, transcribing & analyzing business conversations, it gives sales managers the ability to understand & validate what’s happening in the field. Armed with this intelligence, sales managers can more effectively & scalably coach their teams. Chicago, IL, US
  • Wittyparrot wittyparrot.com instantly access & reuse relevant information on any device to save time. Share best practices across teams to improve performance & consistency. Align sales & marketing messaging, maintain freshness of content, track usage. Cloud-based content delivery platform that helps companies to speak with one voice. Cupertino / Bay Area / San Francisco, US & Bangalore, India. Legal Name: Acrowit, Inc.
  • woolloo woolloo.com @woolloohq mobile content delivery platform that simplifies brand alignment, enablement & sales execution like never before. Beautiful Content. In Context. Marketing, sales & HR professionals can now drive engagement while gaining insights into what truly resonates. “Extend the reach of your field force with our virtual rep: Compliment or replace field activities through mobile push communications direct to your sales channel.” Surry Hills, Sydney
  • Woveon woveon.com @Woveon conversational technology that absorbs & analyzes billions of conversations, giving you unrivalled business intelligence to win. Intelligent customer Service. Organise all of your customer channels into one. Put the smarts into your customer service. Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Woveon helps businesses make smarter decisions about customer service 24/7. Identifies valuable customers, prioritises conversations & integrates with multiple systems. Helps companies use conversation to automatically fix their customer experience. Learns how to best reply to customers using easily searchable historical conversation data. crunchbase.com/organization/woveon Philadelphia, PA, US & Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • WHUT Inc. whut.com Offers manufacturers a powerful Sales Enablement that is a complete content, presentation, & engagement platform to help manufacturers sell more. Specifically designed for manufacturers’ field salespeople to operate at their peak, & for managers & marketing to have the visibility you demand. WHUT is out of business or was rebranded to klyck.io & moved to Toronto? Oakville near Toronto, ON, Canada
  • xfi xfi.com/saleshawk/technology/ SalesHawk built from 3 layers of technology that are fully-integrated & harnessed to address your key sales challenges. Amongst other things Sales Resource Automation® & Knowledge base (Data, content, & knowledge repositories). XFI’s patented AI decision engine, Xference, lies at the heart of the SalesHawk platform. Xference employs both crisp and fuzzy logic to make intelligent estimates about what the user is seeking & to formulate appropriate responses. Intelligence can either be explicitly defined (business rules) or empirically defined (learned from user activities). Bethesda, MD 20814, US
  • Xinnovation, Inc. (“XINN”) xinn.com @GoXinn [30/09/19 acquisition of XINN by Bigtincan (See above)] Technology for document automation in the sales enablement market that is used to transform the way financial service firms engage with their customers. XINN’s technology is unique in creating document automation as an integrated SaaS service, delivered without the need to engage in extensive services based integration programs. 15+ years of experience in document automation. Unlike legacy technology, XINN’s solution allows for rapid system implementation & ease of use. Boston, MA
  • Yooba yooba.com @YoobaStudio Sales Meeting Performance Management Platform. Buyers today are more informed which means they are more in control of each sales opportunity. Sales people today have to be more advisers than ever before to build trust. They need to act as experts to create measurable business benefits by solving the customers needs. Yooba ensures that your salespeople are armed with: The right knowledge – Specific to the current selling situation – At the right time – In the right place – Tailored to the needs of the buyer. Craft beautiful, branded material with the user­-friendly design studio with 3D capabilities, polls, forms, & video. Marketing & management departments can instantly publish updates to reps— anytime, anywhere. Backend analytics record how presentations were delivered, & which material & messaging captivated clients. Get an unprecedented, comparative view on rep’s performance. Website offline since 23-Jan-2020. Social media silent since Feb-2017. Used to have $308.7K in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with Vablet, ClearSlide, Salesframe & Showpad. Stockholm
  • Zensight zensight.ai used artificial intelligence to help sales professionals deliver relevant sales messaging & collateral to accelerate sales. 8-Dec-2017, Seismic acquired Zensight for an undisclosed amount. Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Zenteraction zenteraction.com @zenteraction Sales Enablement Tool for a Frictionless Sales Experience: Less guessing, less awkwardness…more Zen. SalesUnForced Zenteraction is changing the way buyers & sellers communicate during the sales process. Los Angeles, CA, USA. Website offline as of 9-Jan-2020

Job opening – Product Marketing and Sales Enablement Manager – kCura

Old! Outdated!

Product Marketing and Sales Enablement Manager

Job Location US-IL-Chicago

Type Full-Time
Department Marketing
Sub-Department Product Marketing


kCura is a global company with team members who are driven by our customers to build exceptional software for them to use every day. Our product, called Relativity, handles large volumes of data and helps corporations, law firms, and government agencies solve their own unique data problems.

The way we work together is centered on our core values of collaborating, communicating, pushing to exceed expectations (even our own), being humble, and having fun while we do it. We enjoy ourselves, give back, and work (and play) hard together. If this sounds like the place for you, check out the details of this position below.

As a Product Marketing & Sales Enablement Manager, you will develop the go-to-market strategies and sales enablement plans around major initiatives and product rollouts, act as the voice of the customer, and build and execute on activities and deliverables needed to successfully support the sales team to drive product success in the market through close relationships with sales, marketing, product management, and customer success. The Product Marketing & Sales Enablement Manager provides direction and applies company policies to broader team(s) or sub-department and is the subject matter expert for the communications in which they are involved.

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