Sales Enablement companies from the UK


Sales Enablement companies from the UK

Last edited 29-May-2021:

2Viz 2VizCon business productivity through AI-driven enterprise apps. Software for the development of platform independent enterprise apps in marketing, sales, communication, learning. Sales Enablement: Transform your sales strategy with impactful sales enablement applications to sell more. Marketing Enablement: Stage your brands, marketing messaging & content on a mobile platform. Combine fragmented technology stacks to create one integrated technology, one connected platform, one productive team. 2VizCon GmbH, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany & Kingston, Greater London, UK

Act-On Software @actonsoftware Adaptive Marketing Platform to get the right messages, to the right people, at the right time. Emphasizes the importance of not only providing a sales team with the right content & tools & aligning those assets with the buying cycle, but aligning the right tools with the right sales person. $70.5M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Hatchbuck, Percolate, & V Locators. (Percolate was acquired by Seismic 5-Nov-2019.) Portland, OR / Scottsdale, AZ, USA & Reading, UK & India

Acquia @acquia cloud platform for building, delivering & optimizing digital experiences. With the Acquia Platform, organisations can realize personalised, contextual & real-time customer engagement for the right person, at the right time, on the right device. These experiences can be deployed & managed at scale, for 1 to 1000s of sites. Acquia Lift “Content Hub”: Aggregate, syndicate & discover content across a disparate network of sites & channels, no matter the content source. Empower your business team to find content, so that your IT resources have more time to focus on higher priority issues. Break down content silos with powerful discovery tools to quickly find relevant content from other sites, departments, or technologies. Separate the content source from the site architecture or the code that powers the experience, giving you agility to design a great digital experience for your customers. Boston, DC, Portland, & Reading, UK

BlueVenn now Upland Software 2-Mar-2021, Upland Software, Inc. announced it acquired BlueVenn, a cloud-based customer data platform (CDP). BlueVenn @BlueVenn Learn more about your customers & deliver outstanding, omni-channel customer experiences with the BlueVenn customer data platform. Raleigh NC, US & Bristol, UK. Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 8.56.04 pmWith BlueVenn, Upland customers can now securely unify their consumer data, unlocking the insights needed to create omnichannel digital engagement strategies to drive their business forward, all from a single vendor.

bridge @Bridge_The_SEA SALES ENABLEMENT AGENCY. Bridge SEA Ltd. DIRECTOR: James Smee. City of London, London, England

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 6.45.00 pmBuyerDeck @BuyerDeck ensure your sales reps are loaded with the latest content available. Sales Enablement Tools for Marketing & Sales Teams. Brings all stakeholders & content together in one shared space providing a faster, easier & more pleasing experience for your buyer. Say goodbye to links & attachments in long email threads. See every Buyer engagement: Track everything down to the Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 8.52.52 am amount of seconds spent on a single page. Figure out your next move based on your customers last. $10.3M in estimated revenue annually & competes with YesPath, Octiv, & PointDrive. London, England, UK; Riga; New York & SF, USA. March 2021: Rebranding to Shodeck Effortless discovery & delivery of the right content at the right time. Share Better. Sell Better. Give your prospects a personalised buying experience & track their engagement with advanced analytics whenever you send them content.

changeBEAT UK (now Contact to ContRact Ltd.)

Crikle @CrikleApp remote selling platform. Make more sales: Crikle’s game-changing remote selling solution combines all your essential sales tools into a single browser screen. Web-based sales solution that combines video calling with customised sales guidance and actionable information capture, to sell quickly. High-definition presenting. Branded video meetings. Sync with CRM. Recording with time stamping. Customisable sales checklists. Shared content library. Less admin, more selling: Get your hands on this priceless time hack so your team can spend more of their time selling (remotely). Are you paying attention? When you’re too busy scribbling notes or distracted whilst switching screens, you lose that crucial face-to-face connection with your prospect. Crikle ensures you stick to the golden rule of sales – focus on the customer. Crikle Ltd. London, UK

Cronycle @cronycle knowledge sharing workspace to foster learning & innovation in the enterprise & for the public. Grow knowledge, expertise & authority. Discover, curate, share & act on knowledge – all in one workspace. Discover & source content to grow knowledge. Monitor your industry vertical news. Engage your organization on learning. Inform audience with newsletters. Curate for content marketing & SMM: Save time when you source, collect, organize, & share marketing curated content for your website, newsletters & social media. Save to boards to organize, make sense of & enrich content. Summarize, tag, annotate & discuss content – alone or with your team. Advanced filtering & full text search. Cronycle Ltd. London, UK

Data Dwell @data_dwell enables sales & marketing teams to close deals faster by using intelligent content matching & measuring content ROI. The best content, analytics & prospect tracking, native in Salesforce. Increase sales conversion by dynamically matching relevant content to any prospect attributes. Generate relevant conversations, track detailed content consumption & notify sales of interactions in order to focus sales efforts – all in Salesforce. City of London, London & Reykjavík, Gullbringusysla, Iceland

DigitalSalesRoom @DigitalSalesRom tool to help you achieve more wins from your sales proposals. Creates a space which is shared with your prospects & includes all the information they need to make the decision to buy from you. High levels of competition mean that the demands on sales leaders & enablement teams to make sales proposals stand out from the crowd are increasing. Digital Sales Room helps you easily achieve this – quality delivery of comprehensive & relevant content position your bid head & shoulders above the rest. Leeds, UK

1617113759797Docebo @docebo E-Learning. Create, manage, deliver, & measure the impact of learning for external & internal audiences with Docebo’s AI-powered Learning Suite. Docebo’s multi-product learning suite helps enterprises around the world tackle any learning challenge. Create & manage content, deliver training, & understand the business impact of learning experiences. Tackle learning challenges & create a successful learning culture. Docebo Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Athens GA, USA. Biassono (MB), Italy. Docebo UK Limited, London, UK

doxIQ @doxiqteam document analytics startup acquired by Nitro in October-2015 (Nitro Software, Inc. @NitroHQ Nitro PDF: Create, Convert & Edit PDF Files. Nitro Productivity Suite, provides integrated PDF productivity, eSignature & business intelligence BI tools to customers through a horizontal, SaaS & desktop-based software suite. Nitro is headquartered in San Francisco & has offices in Dublin, London & Melbourne, VIC, Australia. FY19 total revenue of USD $35.7M). doxIQ: “Bring marketing documents to life & into the browser. PDFs are dead!” doxIQ provided actionable data while reducing friction in generating qualified leads. “While easy for anyone to use, we fully embrace the new generation of technically savvy growth hackers who need developer friendly API access to their data.” doxIQ aimed to be the document standard for a connected world. The technology converts MS Office & PDF documents into visually identical web assets that collect data on view activity & boost engagement with interactive content & simple sharing. Initially, they focused on helping B2B marketers improve ROI on their white papers, research reports & other marketing collateral. Palo Alto, California, US

e4enable @e4enable Competency based, sales coaching & enablement platform to ensure sales methodologies & best practices are embedded & repeatable to improve top line performance. Sales enablement platform to ensure sales methodologies & best practices are embedded & repeatable to improve top line performance. It brings together sales enablement, sales leaders & sellers to ensure the long term success of your sales transformation. United Kingdom. Joined Twitter October 2018.

Ebsta @ebstahq empowers thousands of companies to drive customer engagement at scale. London, UK

FusionGrove @fusiongrove account-based orchestration platform that helps B2B sales & marketing leaders transform revenue success. Segment & target accounts with augmented data intelligence, optimize content in co-ordinated plays & orchestrate customer interactions at scale. Enables sales teams & channel partners to engage accounts & expand customer relationships. The data-driven solution gives businesses an edge in selling across the entire portfolio & accelerating time to revenue. Helped Cisco, Dell, Citrix & other B2B companies improve campaign results & partner engagement. North Sydney, NSW, Australia & Chiswick, London, United Kingdom

iPresent Ltd. @iPresentapp sales engagement platform. Same message, same content, same branding across multiple platforms and devices. Run iPresent on all the major mobile platforms. Run a tablet alongside a phone on one user license. Hampshire, UK & Sunnyvale, California. Acquired by Mediafly 5-Sep-2019

Kahoot! @GetKahoot helping unlock the magic of learning. Kahoot! for business: Enterprise: Create a learning culture that all employees want to be part of. Deliver engaging training & e-learning at scale. Make internal presentations & events engaging. Enable collaboration across your organization. Onboard your entire organization easily & securely. Deliver engaging training & e-learning at scale: Build a content library. Create game-based learning programs with colleagues in a shared team space. All team space members can search & reuse questions or kahoots made by others. Enable company-wide collaboration: Collaborate on content in a shared team space. Save time by reusing content – either entire kahoots or individual questions. Oslo / Austin / London

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 11.26.32 amLearning Pool @LearningPool e-learning: online learning platforms, creative content & analytics. Solutions include traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS), next-generation Learning Experience Platforms (LXP), Learning Record Store (LRS), agile learning content development tools, off-the-shelf e-learning modules & bespoke content development. Learning Pool Ltd, Derry, UK. Competes with Totara Learning @totaralearning

Miller Heiman @MHGroupEMEA Empowering your sales service team to be ready to win more! Strategy Ready: BE READY to enable your sales & service strategy with consulting & research services. Consulting services that serve your business performance. London, UK

Omni-Share @OmniShare_news Cloud-based CMS Sales Enablement & Marketing business tools: Empowers ‘heads’ of sales & marketing teams to quickly create, manage & distribute innovative presentations & content live to their employee’s desktop, tablet & mobile no matter where they are located in the world. Omni-Share is a brand of Clarity International, London, UK

Perperitus Sales solution (UK)

CHICAGO, 28-Oct-2020, Mediafly @mediafly a provider of sales enablement technology, content management & advisory services that create interactive, value-based selling experiences, announced it acquired Presentify a global visual communication solution based in the UK. 21-Nov-2020, Mediafly launched Jumpstart Presentations, a new offering to help brands accelerate their digital sales transformation & move beyond the traditional pitch presentation.

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 6.37.06 pmPocketMEDIA @pocketmedia_app sales enablement tool that helps manufacturers distribute documents to their field-service & sales teams. A SIMPLER WAY TO DISTRIBUTE DOCUMENTS. Helps you distribute brochures, fact-sheets & product manuals to field-service & sales teams with ease. Always up to date: Out-of-date content leads to compliance or pricing mistakes. With automatic distribution, you can ensure everyone has the latest content at all times. Protect sensitive documents: Sensitive documents need to remain inside your business. With PocketMEDIA, you can be selective about what can be shared with customers or external parties. Designed for manufacturers: Helps global manufacturers distribute content more easily. The iPad app requires minimal Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 6.56.45 pmtraining, & doesn’t try to change how you work. Pocketworks Mobile Ltd, Leeds, UK PocketWorks Mobile Ltd, UK @thepocketworks Enterprise iPad & smartphones solutions in Leeds, UK

1607532079533Refract @refract_ai Shine a light to reveal what aligns with success in your business. Profile coachable insight on every rep on every call, to improve performance & revenue. Turn sales starters into stars, faster. AI insights from every conversation: What do your top performers do in sales conversations that makes them successful? Every company is different, each conversation unique. AI determines what creates successful outcomes for you & delivers personalized coachable insight for every rep. Reduce ramp time for new hires with improved coaching & personalized feedback. Refract empowers reps to learn from their peers, explore a best practice playbook and track their progress, all in one place. Integrates with an ever growing range of CRMs, call dialers, call recording systems, and video conferencing platforms. No need to jump between tabs & services, harness the power of Refract within the products your reps rely on, with one click integrations. North East, England. NEEDHAM, Mass. 9-Dec-2020: Allego @AllegoSoftware sales learning & enablement solution, acquired Refract, UK-based sales engagement & multilingual conversation analytics. Refract brings to the merger capabilities in revenue intelligence—delivering AI-enhanced content & coaching recommendations from sales calls, demos & meetings—to improve sales outcomes & grow revenue.

SalesBook @salesbook_app sales tool for mobile sales people to reach the customer, analyze needs, & present products. Dedicated, CRM independent, interactive mobile app for customer facing sales. User friendly Configure Price Quote, SFA, Sales, Presentation, Sales Management & Training. Quick mastery & standardization of sale procedures. Sales materials always available & up to date. Salesbook Sp. z o.o., Rzeszów, Poland / Warsaw, Poland / Austin TX / London, England, United Kingdom

Signavio @signavio (now part of SAP) WALLDORF, Germany. 5-Mar-2021, SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced it completed the acquisition of Signavio (in the enterprise business process intelligence & process management space). Signavio’s products become part of SAP’s Business Process Intelligence portfolio & complement SAP’s process transformation portfolio. “With Signavio now an official part of our business process intelligence unit, we can help companies quickly understand, improve, transform & manage their business processes at scale.” SIGNAVIO COLLABORATION HUB: Harness the wisdom of the crowd, & transform the way you work together. Discover A New Way To Work: Business processes & decisions are the foundation on which your organization is built. Signavio Collaboration Hub & Live Insights acts as a single source of truth, giving employees across your organization a transparent meeting point to combine their work & expertise. Manage your process content across the entire Signavio Business Transformation Suite. Streamline presentations & provide easy-to-understand updates to your stakeholders. View any & all process content in a clear & simple way. Drive initiatives across your organisation by ensuring everyone is on the same page. PROCESS MINING FOR SALESFORCE: Get the story behind your sales cycle with game-changing insights to supercharge your sales. FACTUAL INSIGHTS DRIVE EFFECTIVE SALES: Signavio Process Intelligence for Salesforce app: Analyze your sales performance over multiple dimensions, & compare the effectiveness of your sales teams across regions, market segments or product lines. Who is doing better than the rest, how are they doing it, & then apply those lessons across your whole organization. Turn your best salesperson into every sales person. Hidden within your sales cycle are habits, risks & process behaviors that can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line. Signavio Process Intelligence for Salesforce: See visually, how your sales process is actually being executed. See every action & interaction over time, from the moment leads enter the top of your funnel through to deal closure. Refine your sales methodology, focusing entirely on excellence across the end-to-end sales cycle. Monitor & identify inefficiencies, duplication, or wasted steps within your sales cycle: The whole picture of how your sales have performed over time, not just a single point in time like traditional business intelligence. Taking this historical view is crucial to understanding how to improve the way you’re selling & continuously upskill your sales team. Signavio ANZ PTY LTD, Melbourne VIC 3008, Australia & Signavio UK Ltd., London NW1 6JJ, UK & elsewhere & Berlin, Germany

Seismic @seismicsoftware app that accesses a cloud-based library of your company’s brand collateral & business materials — all backed by a live data feed — to generate meaningful, integrated content on demand. The single place where all your brand-approved materials are up to date & accessible from anywhere. Can sit inside the CRM or others. Based in CA, US. Partnership with Genuine Interactive. Nu:Pitch became Seismic. (May 8, 2018, it was announced that Seismic acquires SAVO Group, which had acquired KnowledgeTree Jun 12, 2017) Seismic’s EMEA office is in London, UK

Solutions for Sales Sales enablement consultancy

StiloTouch @StiloTouch Showcase business expertise & drive sales through amazing interactive digital sales enablement tools for manufacturing, technology, science, MedTech. Take your sales & marketing presentations to a new level. Showcase your expertise & increase conversions with StiloTouch – the interactive sales tool built for our times. Engage. Interact. Amaze. Drive sales. Stilo Limited. Marketing agency in Kinnersley, England / Kinnersley, Worcester WR8 9JR, United Kingdom

UfvRphdU_400x400touch TouchApp @Touch_ISE Superfast completion of all your sales workflows. “Blaze through sales tasks shockingly fast.” Building Superhuman for the CRM! “Think Superhuman, but for the CRM.” Currently integrated with Pipedrive. Touch, sits over Pipedrive or other CRMs to make the experience lightning-fast & fully keyboard-driven. The private beta is currently free. London, UK

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 7.44.31 pmVRtuoso @VRtuosoGlobal “PowerPoint® + Webex® for VR & much more!” Making VR-based enterprise learning & marketing a reality for all. Immerse. Experience. Enjoy. Creating VR content-based presentations, training & any immersive experiences has never been easier. Presenters can rapidly create VRtuoso slides with 360° & 2D content, like video, images, text, shapes & polls. VRtuoso is the PowerPoint for VR & much more! TOGETHER WITH OUR ECOSYSTEM PARTNERS & RESELLERS WE MARKET & SUPPORT WORLDWIDE VR/AR ENTERPRISE’S ROLLOUTS AT SCALE. Enterprise product to create VR presentations in-house. VR live content creation, real-time guided content consumption & live VR streaming platform over 5G network for enterprise rollouts at scale. Available as either Cloud or private On-Premise SaaS – enables any in-house team to quickly & easily create & deliver real-time, guided, on- & off-line, immersive VR business presentations & interactive training experiences. During any meeting or training session with VRtuoso you can also interact, moderate & control what the audience views on either their VR headsets or personal devices in real-time. Capture & create your own VR content & use rich content libraries. 500k+ stock VR images & videos & 5k+ stock 2D vector icons & shapes that can build or enhance your virtual experiences. Designed for people who aren’t VR experts, with near zero learning curve: VR learning product for enterprise rollouts at scale. London, England, United Kingdom VRTUOSO LIMITED Company number 11512819 – USA – ITALY

White Springs @WhiteSpringsLtd delivering Sales Enablement software to help sales transformation & training companies drive client value. Partnering with them to embed the sales process & methodology into the every-day existence of sales teams. Technology experts delivering innovative, multi-platform, sales training strategy & solutions. $6.3M in estimated revenue annually. Banbury, Oxfordshire & a London office, UK & office in San Diego, CA, USA. WHITE SPRING COMPANY LIMITED Company number 04524814

WIDEN @Widen DAM & PIM software to help businesses deliver content with confidence. Bring content together: Create a searchable, shareable library of your photos, videos, documents, podcasts, & product information. Send it anywhere: Distribute content to any person/system to support sales, marketing, & e-commerce. Accelerate your workflows: Use automation to guide content through creation, review, approval & distribution. Widen Enterprises, Inc. Madison, WI, USA; London, UK

Zidivo @Zidivo Streaming Platform. Enables organisations of all sizes to deliver video live & on-demand. Everything you need to stream video content live and on-demand to all devices anywhere in the world. Professional Video Streaming & Hosting. Sheffield / Worcester, UK

The most recent acquisitions of market players in Sales Enablement

Spikes in Google search traffic for the term Sales Enablement (even compared to MarTech) seem to be a trend worldwide, but cannot be observed in the USA.

The most recent acquisitions on my overview with 621 line items (export available) for market players in Sales Enablement and related industries were:

VoiceVibes, Inc @voicevibes voice analytics & AI-powered coaching platform helps professionals make the best impression, every time they speak. Baltimore, Maryland, USA. On 15-Jan-2021, Bigtincan Holdings Limited @bigtincan (ASX: BTH) announced that its wholly owned US subsidiary, BTC Mobility, LLC entered into & completed a Stock Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) with the shareholders of VoiceVibes & acquired 100% of the issued capital of VoiceVibes, Inc

ClearSlide acquired SlideRocket @SlideRocket to let you create & edit presentations in the cloud with slide-by-slide analytics. On 12-Dec-2017, ClearSlide joined Corel Corporation. Then on 23-Dec-2020, @bigtincan announced that its wholly owned US subsidiary, BTC Mobility, LLC has entered into a binding Stock Purchase Agreement with Corel, Inc @corelsoftware where Bigtincan agreed to pay USD$16.25M for @ClearSlide, the sales engagement technology platform with hundreds of customers across three continents. The company has estimated annualised recurring revenue of USD$5.2M. Bigtincan completed a AUD$35M institutional equity raise to support the purchase. ClearSlide’s customers include The Economist & GoDaddy. The acquisition will add 32 staff members to Bigtincan’s books. Shares in Bigtincan (ASX:BTH) are trading 2.24% lower at AUD$1.09. This sale of ClearSlide might mean Corel has exited the Sales Enablement market.

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 2.42.50 pm

Slack acquired by Salesforce 1-Dec-2020. Combining @SlackHQ with @Salesforce Customer360 “will be transformative, creating the operating system for the new way to work. Together, we’ll enable companies to grow and succeed in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.” Slack shareholders will receive $26.79 in cash & 0.0776 shares of Salesforce common stock for each Slack share, representing an enterprise value of approx. $27.7 billion based on the closing price of Salesforce’s common stock on 30-Nov-2020.

ServiceNow acquired Attivio IP, core technology, & select R&D talent; announced October 2019. With the addition of the⁦ @attivio ⁩search engine ⁦@servicenow moved beyond keyword-based search to deliver conversational AI & search experiences at scale to customers. cloud-based platform & solutions deliver digital workflows that help people do their best work. Santa Clara, CA, USA. ServiceNow, Inc. acquired Attivio, Loom Systems, Passage AI, Sweagle, Montrêal Canada based Element AI @element_ai (on 1-Dec-2020).

Grapevine6 @Grapevine_6 Toronto, ON, Canada. 1-Dec-2020, US based Seismic (Nu:Pitch became Seismic) acquired Grapevine6 (a social & digital sales engagement platform / a way to engage with buyers on social media). As a result of the acquisition, Seismic launched a new integrated offering called Seismic LiveSocial, a social engagement solution for sales & client-facing teams. It leverages the AI engine built by Grapevine6 to help sellers become advisors by authentically engaging with their prospects & clients across the social media landscape. Sales teams can share timely & compliant content from 11k+ third-party publishers across 6 different languages, targeting the right buyers across multiple social platforms. Additionally, brand leaders can measure the ROI of their social engagement strategy.

SalesRight @SalesRightCo helps SaaS sales teams close deals faster through Interactive Live Quotes. Developer of a cloud-based platform designed to allow SaaS sales teams to deliver pricing & close deals faster. The company’s platform is an interactive quote delivery software that accelerates the quote creation, delivery & close process. The software’s Interactive Live Quotes increase conversion rates for SaaS sales teams while reducing time spent per opportunity. Quotes provide prospects with interactive buying experiences backed by sales psychology, while serving up the analytics sales teams need to accelerate the deal to close. Sales reps save 10+ hours a month by replacing pricing spreadsheets, slide decks & proposals. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 19-Nov-2020: Acquired by FastSpring; Bright Market, LLC dba FastSpring, USA

AutoKlose @autoklose Sales Engagement, Email Tracking, Outbound sales automation platform. Features automated lead gen, drip campaigns, calendar scheduling, & CRM integration. Toronto, Canada / USA. Owned & operated by ExchangeLeads Inc. doing business as AutoKlose. Plano, Texas, Oct. 20, 2020: VanillaSoft, a sales engagement technology company, announced that they acquired email automation & sales intelligence platform vendor AutoKlose.

CHICAGO, 28-Oct-2020, Mediafly @mediafly a provider of sales enablement technology, content management & advisory services that create interactive, value-based selling experiences, announced it acquired Presentify a global visual communication solution based in the UK. 21-Nov-2020, Mediafly launched Jumpstart Presentations, a new offering to help brands accelerate their digital sales transformation & move beyond the traditional pitch presentation.

Nudge Software @nudgeai a social selling app that helps you grow the right relationships from your network of weak connections. “We Believe That trust trumps content & your network is your net worth. We’re bringing the business world closer together one Nudge at a time.” Their Co-Founder & CTO is Steve Woods, who was Co-Founder & CTO of Eloqua from its inception in 1999 through IPO & acquisition by Oracle in 2012. “Find + nurture relationships, generate + accelerate pipeline, & build revenue growth.” Used to have $310K in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with Datanyze, Clearbit, & InsideView. Out of business as of 21-Jan-2020. @nudgeai a social selling app that helps you grow the right relationships from your network of weak connections Toronto, ON, Canada. NUDGE.AI ASSETS ACQUIRED LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AFTER COMPANY SHUT DOWN: SAN FRANCISCO, CA; 11-Mar-2020, Nudge has been acquired by Affinity @Affinity. Affinity’s new Relationship Intelligence product for sales teams due out later 2020; Affinity expands to open Canadian office. Affinity relationship intelligence platform, announced the acquisition of Nudge, a revenue intelligence platform designed to build relationships & grow sales. Affinity (founded in 2014 just like Nudge) offers a platform that (using AI) collects & analyzes data to build better network relationships. Similarly, Nudge had developed an AI-based revenue intelligence platform for sales teams, used to identify gaps in stakeholder relationships, with the goal of finding & increasing pipeline attrition.

triblio @triblio Account-based marketing software that helps generate demand & engagement from the targeted accounts. ABM is at its strongest when marketing & sales teams are in step. In developing features, we talk to both sales & marketing teams to see what they would find most helpful. Washington, DC, USA. Boston, Mass. – June 23, 2020 – IDG Communications has agreed to acquire Triblio in a deal that will accelerate the shift to ready-made, highly automated marketing technology platforms.

thedocyard @thedocyard_co deal management platform in a single integrated solution that empowers teams, drives productivity & manages risk. July 2020, thedocyard acquired 100% of LockBox Technologies Pty Ltd Publicly listed transaction management company, thedocyard, is to buy out virtual data room (VDR) business Ansarada. Listed on the ASX as ASX:AND 9-Dec-2020.

Sales Enablement SaaS market reached $4Bn USD in annual revenue

Over 11k LinkedIn users have Sales Enablement in their current job title on LinkedIn now:

The most recent addition to my overview with 663 line items for market players in Sales Enablement and related industries was:

AccessBell @access_bell Founded in March 2020 you could call Access Bell inspired by COVID. Customized video conferencing for enterprise workflows. Customized, self-serve, fully-managed video conferencing for your workflows & apps. Expand your Zoom experience with features incl. real-time collaboration, personal notes, & agendas that sync with tools you already know & love. Take personal & collaborative notes & assign action items during the meeting. Organize your meetings with an agenda to indicate the progress of the meeting. Integrate seamlessly with Slack, Drive, Email, & other productivity tools. Track user engagement & better understand your meeting participation. Palo Alto, CA

A recent spike in Google search traffic for the term Sales Enablement seems to be a trend worldwide, but cannot be observed in the USA.

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 9.40.10 am

For my Sales Enablement SaaS market overview chart (where the first 19 market players aren’t in order of revenue) I have the annual revenue at $4Bn. USD for the first time now in 2021:


Tellwise @tellwise Sep-2020, acquired by ZoomInfo (ZoomInfo Technologies Inc NASDAQ: ZI) to join its family of go-to-market solutions, as “Engage” TellWise (formerly Discuzz): Customer communication focused on seller productivity, pipeline insights, & a greater customer experience. All in one integrated solution. Combines phone, text, email, & presentations into a single platform accessible from your CRM. Live activity feed which watches what customers do with your content.

16-Oct-2020, ZoomInfo acquired @Clickagy provider of artificial intelligence-powered buyer intent data.

13-Nov-2019, ZoomInfo, powered by @DiscoverOrg, acquired Redmond, Washington-based AI startup Komiko. Komiko’s technology will be incorporated into @ZoomInfo’s InboxAI tool.

9-Oct-2020, Twilio (owns SendGrid is set to acquire cloud customer data startup Segment for $3.2Bn. The acquisition comes almost two years to the date after Twilio announced it would acquire API provider SendGrid for $2Bn in stock.

Bigtincan @bigtincan helps sales & service teams increase win rates & customer satisfaction. The mobile AI-powered sales enablement automation platform’s user experience empowers reps to more effectively engage with customers & prospects & encourages team-wide adoption. Global sales & marketing headquartered in Boston + offices across EMEA, Australia & Asia. Waltham, Massachusetts, USA but listed on the Australian ASX. Early October 2020, Bigtincan Holdings Limited entered into a binding purchase of Agnitio A/S @agnitiomcm a Danish company that provides a leading solution for remote selling for life sciences customers creating Digital Sales Rooms for customer engagements. Copenhagen, Denmark

Emarsys @emarsys 1-Oct-2020: SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) acquired retail marketing automation & personalisation platform, Emarsys, for an undisclosed sum, a deal designed to build out its customer experience offering. Emarsys provides a cloud-based omnichannel customer engagement platform with functionality for personalising customer interactions across email, mobile, social, SMS & the Web at scale. Austria.

Scrimmage @wescrimmage mobile learning platforms & sales enablement software to help reinforce training, improve speed to competency, & enhance sales productivity. Minneapolis, MN, USA based mobile learning company Scrimmage has been acquired by Canadian software company ACTO @acto the companies announced 11-SEP-2020. “Disrupting Education & Enablement For The Life Sciences” / Omni-channel Education ecosystem for education in healthcare & life sciences. ACTO Technologies Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada

My complete overview with over 663 line items has dates to sort by latest edits.

Sales Enablement SaaS software market trends and first acquisitions during COVID-19

The first acquisitions in the Sales Enablement space that I’m aware of being announced in COVID times (See my earlier post):

Axiom Sales Kinetics @justaskaxiom (AXIOM SFD @AXIOMSFD acquired!) 18-Jun-2020, Axiom Sales Kinetics announced major rebrand, restructuring & new product offering under the leadership of its founder & CEO, Bob Nicols, after an asset only purchase of Dallas-based AXIOM SFD (Axiom Sales Force Development) in February 2020. Their apps used to improve sales coaching & sales training; on demand in real time. Since 2013 they used to create native sales enablement apps for Dallas, Texas / Jacksonville, FL.

On May 7, 2020 Conga @CongaHQ was acquired by Apttus which had been acquired by Thoma Bravo on Sep 4, 2018.

@Napp_dk acquired by @Templafy (announced 18-May-2020):

“Danish start-up Templafy announced that it plans to acquire Copenhagen-based B2B sales enablement platform Napp. The news comes after Templafy closed $25m in Series C funding at the end of April. […] Templafy […] aims to solve the problem of “document anarchy”, ensuring consistency across all of a company’s documents, presentations and emails. The start-up automates compliance in business documents, with the goal of eliminating wasted administrative time.”

Source: siliconrepublic

I’ve updated my airtable of 610 line items and my chart for the biggest players in Sales Enablement/Engagement related SaaS software.

Please note: The first 16 are not in order of revenue!

add Highspot USD $200M Series E funding round, 22-Feb-2021

Link 22-Feb-2021 Highspot raises USD $200M


Showpad Lays Off 52 Employees Globally, 18 in Chicago


“[…] Showpad, a Chicago and Belgium-based sales enablement company, […] confirmed to Chicago Inno that it laid off 52 employees […] 18 of which were based in the Windy City. The tech company said layoffs affected its Go To Market teams across its offices in Chicago, Belgium, London, Munich, San Francisco, Portland and Poland. About 400 employees remain at the company globally, 160 of which are in the Chicago office. “This decision was triggered by the economic downturn following the global spread of COVID-19,” said Showpad co-founder and CEO Pieterjan Bouten […] Over the last two years, Bouten said Showpad tripled its revenue and in 2019 alone, hired about 200 new employees. Showpad, which has 1,200 clients, typically sees annual revenue of more than $60 million, Bouten said. […] Showpad […] acquired LearnCore, a Chicago startup that made sales training software, for $50 million in 2018.”


One metric in this space to watch now for COVID-19 impact is churn in SaaS; especially when you consider how many new customers you have to onboard for every 1% of your customers that don’t renew: Maybe double or triple the number that left needs to be onboarded to make up for lost revenue (depending on the account size)?

Please check the following numbers for yourself. I took them from this post from 4-May-2020: EBITDA margins in SaaS are terrible

All outdated:

Currency AUD – 22-May-2020:

Currency USD – 22-May-2020:

Currency EURO – 22-May-2020:

On this blog I am tracking SaleSphere GmbH which is a subsidiary of mVISE AG (See shares above) Germany @SaleSphere_App SaaS product – mobile sales & field service solution. Digitises existing field work processes & simplifies administrative procedures. Quick access to relevant information & media – simplifies the presentation of product offers. Integrations:, Microsoft Dynamics (CRM), SAP (CRM), Pipedrive, SugarCRM, Vtiger, SAP Business By Design, Adobe Marketo, Citrix GoToWebinar. Some customers: BOSCH, Julius Meinl, MyHilda, Hoffmann Group, H&T Presspart, etc. HQ in Duesseldorf, NRW, Germany.

fision @fisiononline Marketing Automation & Sales Enablement Cloud Platform. Minneapolis, MN 55416, USA. Fision Corp OTCMKTS: FSSN

VERB @VerbTech_Co (NASDAQ: VERB) business-focused interactive video Webinar, CRM, marketing, & sales enablement software applications. Verb CRM: Sales Enablement Platform. Send Product Samples from an App. Increase retention & revenue with a custom mobile app. Newport Beach, CA, USA. Sept. 10, 2020, VERB Technology Company, Inc. the maker of interactive video-based sales enablement applications, including interactive livestream eCommerce, webinar, CRM & marketing applications for entrepreneurs & enterprises, completed the acquisition of SoloFire (dba for Ascend Certification, LLC), provider of a sales enablement platform for the healthcare industry.

As always, Scott at has some great thinking on The paradox of simultaneous MarTech consolidation and expansion.

In the 12-May-2020 post MarTech app platform dynamics he took that a bit further. It is the first time I see all the different trends and buzzwords called out for contributing or taking away from the number of players in the MarTech market:

The $50 billion category

When sales enablement software vendor Highspot @Highspot announced a Series D-1 investment round in December 2019, CEO Robert Wahbe told GeekWire about “this $50 billion category”.

I’m not sure what the category is here.

Sales Enablement? CRMs? MarTech?, Inc. had a revenue of $13.28Bn USD in 2019 for reference.

As I’m trying to show with this blog and my market overviews – I think the Sales Enablement SaaS market has reached $3Bn USD in revenue a year.

Depending on which category we are talking about I see these options for you if you find yourself in charge:

Over my career since 2007, I have been part of 3-4 large custom built Sales Enablement software projects for companies in North America, Europe, and APAC. For some reason they were all in telecommunications or enterprise information management & IT System Management solutions technology / IT services.

The most recent (2017/2018 for me) was a multi million dollar one in APAC and is still going; seen as a success internally.

Essentially the old “buy versus build”-question… Maybe more than a few hundred million USD go down that path a year, but I’m sure that is shrinking – with the success of SaaS and open source.

Obviously using open source content management software such as Drupal still comes with costs.

I still don’t see how the entire pie above would add up to $50Bn USD.

Maybe to get to the $50Bn USD a year category you have to frame it as MarTech’ given Gartner found that in 2018 “marketers spent 29 percent of their budgets (not including media spend or agency fees) on martech”.

chiefmartec mentions that “over the past six years, hundreds of martech start-ups raised a ton of capital (Venture Scanner puts the figure at $49 billion)”. There you go!

As I mentioned in my blog post from 2018 I don’t think many of the vendors I am tracking are profitable. Many never will be.

The whole point of this graphic of mine is actually in the text/labels where you can see who bought who (to acquire reoccurring revenue and show growth):

Elay Cohen @elaycohen CEO & Co-Founder of SalesHood @saleshood is calling for the sales enablement category to get quantified.

He believes the category equals

= ((total software, consulting, training, content spend

– minus CRM spend) per person)

* (the number of customer-facing employees + partners)

He also believes that the real spend (as per the math above?) is about

$2,500USD a year * the number of “sellers” (customer-facing employees + partners) which some sources put at 15M sellers.

Hence he gets to $37.5Bn USD a year!

Searching through the entire b2b Sales Enablement software market

If you want to find out if a specific name is already being used by a Sales Enablement vendor or you work for a vendor and want to see if they have been mentioned on this blog, please try the search on this blog (upper right on desktop) or on my Airtable.

I never used to see the point in these types of graphics (landscapes) putting together many vendor logos visually…

See marketing-technology-landscape-supergraphic-2019

…where the nature of the media format and the effort involved only allow updates once a year (some companies included went out of business; See my constantly updated list of dead Sales Enablement companies)…

…and there is no clicking through on individual companies.

However, I like the concept of the interactive graphic over at by @Vendor_Neutral where each logo is a link:

For easy sorting and filtering/searching through the entire (666 line items!) Sales Enablement software market (and exporting/downloading it) I put together this airtable:

Airtable let’s me show the relationships between the vendors:


If you prefer blog post style lists with vendor logos please see my global vendor list. This is where they have their key offices:

USA 367
Canada 46
Australia 40
UK 39
India 29
Germany 25
Netherlands 7
Sweden 8
Switzerland 8
Denmark 6
Japan 6
NZ 5
Finland 3
France 3
Belgium 2
Poland 2
Costa Rica 2
China 1
Singapore 1
Mauritius 1
Spain 1
Israel 1
Mexico 1
Italy 1
Thailand 1
Latvia 1
Czech Republic 1
Argentina 1
Greece 1
Luxembourg 1
Austria 1

This is where visitors to this blog came from in 2021 (the year my blog turned 12 years old):

2019 was one of the busiest years in terms of traffic to this Sales Enablement blog

2019 was one of the busiest years in terms of traffic to this Sales Enablement blog.

This blog turned 11 years old in 2020. See the archive going back all the way to 2009.

I’m always looking for new ways to show the entire market size and the percentage breakdown of all the market players.

I see the market reaching $3Bn in annual revenue in 2020, but only if counting some of the revenue of the really large players in software that bought out smaller Sales Enablement players or those big players who offer free/freemium tools that could be used for Sales Enablement.


Very interesting to study are the vendors that are publicly listed such as Fision Corp OTCMKTS: FSSN (see below) and Bigtincan Holdings Ltd (ASX: BTH). They have to publish their revenue numbers and organic versus inorganic (acquisition) growth.

12-Dec-2018, Swiftpage acquisition of Kuvana, Inc who are the makers of InboxGuru (100% Native Marketing Automation for Infor CRM).

28-May-2019 Upland Software acquired Kapost

25-Jul-2019, Bigtincan acquired the assets of Portland, Oregon, USA based Veelo, Inc. for US$1.8m.

5-Sep-2019 Bigtincan acquired Asdeq Labs

5-Sep-2019, Mediafly acquired iPresent Ltd.

October 2019, Fileboard @fileboard is now 20 Miles

7-Oct-2019, Upland Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: UPLD) acquired Altify @altifyinc

In October 2019, @servicenow acquired @attivio

4-Nov-2019, SalesLoft acquired Costell0

5-Nov-2019, Percolate @percolate Percolate Industries, Inc. acquired by Seismic

December 2019, BrickStreetSoftware seems to have gone out of business.

16-Dec-2019, Episerver™, a digital experience company, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire B2B commerce company Insite Software™. (Insite Software had acquired Storyworks Ondemand / Storyworks1)

[Edit] 31-Dec-2019, fision @fisiononline Marketing Automation & Sales Enablement Cloud Platform seems close to going out of business. Fision Corp OTCMKTS: FSSN

“[…] Because of our recent inability to raise additional capital, we have terminated employment of all but two of our employees, our bookkeeper/office manager employee and our primary customer support employee. We currently have no marketing/sales or technical personnel, and accordingly we are now unable to conduct any material marketing or new development activities. […]”

Sales Enablement software market to reach $4Bn USD in annual revenue in 2021

The “sales enablement market that’s projected to be worth $2.6 billion by 2024, according to Markets and Markets.”

From my own research, the Sales Enablement software market reached $4Bn USD in annual revenue in 2021 already. The following is how I see the main players & their market share (based on data which is often wrong or outdated)

The first 19 are not in order of revenue:


I track the number of LinkedIn users with Sales Enablement in their current job title. 5-Feb-2020, LinkedIn had 10,540 users like that globally.

The use of the term Sales Enablement in job titles on LinkedIn obviously includes many employees of Sales Enablement SaaS software vendors, but nevertheless it more than tripled since August 2015 when I started tracking it. [My blog turned 12 years old in 2021.]

I keep a work in progress list of vendors / services / solutions for…

  • Sales Enablement Platforms (SEP) / Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Marketing resource management (MRM)
  • B2B Marketing/Brand Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • B2B Sales Knowledge Management (KM)
  • Sales asset management (SAM)
  • B2B Sales Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Digital Content Management for Sales (DCMS)
  • Sales Engagement Platforms
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) for sales

…with a focus on improving the intranet & mobile experience of B2B enterprises for all staff / partners who touch accounts.

My count is over 186 vendors:

Paul Krajewski LinkedIn
twitter @SalesEnablement
German citizen. Permanent Resident in Canada & Australia. Spent 2007-’09 at Nortel Networks in Toronto in Global Marketing looking after the implementation of the BizSphere Sales Enablement application for Nortel Networks’ 4000 sales people world-wide. After working as Head of Training & Senior Sales Enablement Consultant at BizSphere, Sr. Product Manager at Pivotal Labs from Jan-’15 to Jul-’19.

The long tail of the B2B Sales Enablement SaaS software vendor market

You will have to download it to read it, but here my latest overview of the $4Bn USD a year Sales Enablement SaaS market:


In Google search traffic to this blog, in discussion forums of the SALES ENABLEMENT SOCIETY and on Quora I see the ongoing demand for numbers on the market size of the Sales Enablement market.

It is an interesting market with a very long tail (revenue distribution) and an even longer list of companies that have already gone under:

Click the image above to see my entire list

On Jun 28, 2018 when Upland Software announced their acquisition of RO Innovation they called it…

…the $400+ million annual sales enablement software market

… which is quoting Travis, T. (2017, September 6): Sales Enablement Platforms Expand the SalesTech Stack.

Obviously there are many ways to define the boundaries of this market.

Here my definition of Sales Enablement.

The Gartner Report: Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales published 17-Nov-2017 sees…

…“Digital content management for sales (DCMS)” […] vendors […] “generate $423.5 million in revenue, up by approximately 16% from the previous year.”

In 2017 (22-June-2017), Sales Engagement Platforms (SEP) were a $780M/year market, and “expected to be worth $5B by 2021” (Aragon Research).

My table using start & end points from Aragon Research
My table using start & end points from Aragon Research

Obviously the Sales Engagement Platform market is different from the Sales Enablement Technology [or Sales Enablement Platform] market.

However, it is interesting to take Aragon’s numbers to see what growth rate they are assuming.

If they really think that market can reach $5B by 2021 (which I question; unless they count some of Salesforce’s revenue) and if they assume a linear growth rate, then they are assuming a market growth rate of 59.12% a year.

If not assuming a linear growth rate, then their model might look something like this:

My own graph using start & end points from Aragon Research
My own graph using start & end points from Aragon Research

As you can see from the links further down below I’m trying to track both the growth & consolidation of this market.

Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic grew again:

In 2018 the largest category with the greatest number of vendors was Sales Automation, Enablement & Intelligence with 490 solutions.

Scott actually wrote a post on this growth & consolidation entitled The paradox of simultaneous MarTech consolidation and expansion, illustrated

the paradox of simultaneous martech consolidation and expansion
the paradox of simultaneous MarTech consolidation & expansion

Whilst this blog just wants to show a complete picture of the market without rankings or recommendations, I have recently come across a couple of such perspectives:

The Forrester Wave™ : Sales Enablement Automation Platforms | Q3 2018

The Forrester Wave™ : Sales Enablement Automation Platforms | Q3 2018
The Forrester Wave™ : Sales Enablement Automation Platforms | Q3 2018

Ignoring Salesforce, Google, Hubspot, Adobe, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Velocify Inc., Jive Software, etc… here my current draft of the long tail of Sales Enablement market players by revenue.


25-Jul-2019, Bigtincan acquired the assets of Portland, Oregon, USA based Veelo, Inc. for US$1.8m.

5-Sep-2019, Bigtincan acquired Asdeq Labs

5-Sep-2019, Mediafly acquired iPresent Ltd.

30-Sep-2019, Xinnovation, Inc. (“XINN”) @GoXinn acquisition by Bigtincan

7-Oct-2019, Upland Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: UPLD) acquired Altify @altifyinc

In October 2019, @servicenow acquired @attivio

Nov 4, 2019, Costello acquired by SalesLoft

Nov 5, 2019, Percolate @percolate Percolate Industries, Inc. acquired by Seismic

[Based on Crunchbase data, but very likely to be outdated.] Please help me improve this: @salesenablement


My total count is 186 vendors.

The revenue shown in the graph above (I took out Enhatch) is a lot more than the $400M from Travis, T. (2017, September 6): Sales Enablement Platforms Expand the SalesTech Stack.

I added some to account for the elephants in the software market and some for the very long ‘long tail’ of small vendors, agencies, consultants & custom software development shops with Sales Enablement projects, Hence you get to more than the $780M Aragon Research has for the so called Sales Engagement Platform market. I know many companies consider their Microsoft SharePoint document repository as their Sales Enablement portal:

  • Salesforce (Slack, Salesforce CRM / Content / Chatter / Einstein / AppExchange / Trailhead / ‘Sales Cloud’ files & libraries)
  • Google Cloud Platform (G Suite / Drive / Docs / Sheets / Slides / Keep / Forms / Sites)
  • SAP (Callidus / iCentera / Litmos, LMS) CRM, CPQ, CLM, Marketing Automation, …
  • Hubspot
  • Adobe Systems (Marketo + ToutApp + Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, now part of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile)
  • Microsoft (Microsoft Office, Office Delve, Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics, Yammer, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Learning, etc…)
  • IBM (IBM Smarter Workforce former + Vivisimo Velocity Platform = IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer)
  • Oracle (Oracle CPQ Cloud former BigMachines Inc + InQuira)
  • Velocify Inc. ($50M in revenue annually; competes with SalesHood)
  • Jive Software (used to have $203.5M in revenue annually)
  • Zoho
  • ServiceNow

This blog turned 12 years old in 2021. See the archive going back all the way to 2009.

I’m always looking for new ways to show the entire market size and the percentage breakdown of all the market players.

I see the market reaching $4Bn USD in annual revenue now in 2020, but only if counting some of the revenue of the really large players in software that bought out smaller Sales Enablement players or those big players who offer free/freemium tools that could be used for Sales Enablement.

Here my complete lists:

I track the number of LinkedIn users with Sales Enablement in their current job title. 5-Feb-2020, LinkedIn had 10,540 users like that globally.

Sales Enablement software solutions from the Nordics

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 8.08.11 am

Given the number of views/visits this blog gets from Nordic countries, I’m starting a list of Sales Enablement software vendors from the Nordics.

Last edit: 17-Jun-2021.

Please also see them in my table which you can export/download yourself:

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 1.19.28 pmAttach @attachio acquired & powered by Cirrus Insight @cirrusinsight sales enablement platform (See Cirrus Insight) Helps align your sales & marketing team with it’s centralized content hub. With one place to distribute content to your team, salespeople know where to go to find the right content. Marketers know how Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 1.13.37 pmthat content is used & can optimize it’s effectiveness through data to help the sales force sell. Know who reads your documents, where they spend time and who they share them with. Understand your prospects engagement & transform the way you sell forever. Align your sales & marketing department with a library of approved content, & make sure everyone shares the latest version. Analyze the effectiveness across your team, optimize your content & build winning sales decks. Stockholm, Sweden (Cirrus Insight developed by Laguna Hills, CA-based “Cirruspath” / Irvine, CA, USA)

CrankWheel @crankwheel Also known as joisig. Enterprise-friendly screen sharing. Screen sharing for telesales teams. Enables unique new use cases for sales over telephone plus screen share. CrankWheel ehf. operates the, & websites. Reykjavík, Iceland

Data Dwell @data_dwell enables sales & marketing teams to close deals faster by using intelligent content matching & measuring content ROI. The best content, analytics & prospect tracking, native in Salesforce. Increase sales conversion by dynamically matching relevant content to any prospect attributes. Generate relevant conversations, track detailed content consumption & notify sales of interactions in order to focus sales efforts – all in Salesforce. City of London, London & Reykjavík, Gullbringusysla, Iceland

Digizuite @DigizuiteDAM Take control of your content with digital asset management. Enterprise digital asset management software that lets you search, manage, & distribute your brand assets from one centralized source. DAM for Sitecore @damforsitecore: The Digizuite DAM for Sitecore module makes Sitecore even more powerful. Digital asset management seamlessly integrated with Sitecore. Built by @DigizuiteDAM Manage digital files and customer experience from one place. The Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore module gives you a single source for all digital files. Upload, manage, search & share files on multiple channels from within Sitecore. Denmark

GetAccept @getaccept AI-based eSignature & document tracking platform. Harness video, live chat, proposal design, document tracking & e-signature to simplify the life of your sales team. High Performer Sales Enablement Software. Send, Track & E-Sign your Documents. Reach the full potential of your sales process. Intelligent automation, personalized recipient engagement, and digital signature. Create & send documents that stand out against your competition. An electronic signature & document tracking platform, but for the closing stages of your sales cycle. Combine document tracking with eSigning & use machine learning to predict the next action needed to get the document signed. Enterprise features include video-introduction, automated live-chat, connected calls, & deal based display re-marketing. $5M in revenue annually. Competes with RightSignature, PandaDoc, & DocuSign. San Francisco, CA, USA based, but founding team comes from Sweden

Kahoot! @GetKahoot Helping unlock the magic of learning. Kahoot! for business: Enterprise: Create a learning culture that all employees want to be part of. Deliver engaging training and e-learning at scale. Make internal presentations and events engaging. Enable collaboration across your organization. Onboard your entire organization easily & securely. Deliver engaging training & e-learning at scale: Build a content library. Create game-based learning programs with colleagues in a shared team space. All team space members can search & reuse questions or kahoots made by others. Enable company-wide collaboration: Collaborate on content in a shared team space. Save time by reusing content – either entire kahoots or individual questions. Oslo / Austin / London

Membrain @membrain_com Used to be known as Upstream business solutions? SALES ENABLEMENT CRM FOR TEAMS COMMITTED TO GROWTH. Sales Improvement Software that helps B2B companies execute their sales strategy & achieve consistent performance in complex sales. Allows you to integrate educational information, collateral & guides in the right context – your sales process. This helps all your sales people to increase their skills from hire date through every deal they work. Provide training material to reinforce new knowledge; Ensure that everyone uses the same sales language; Provide deal-level coaching to increase win-rates. CONTENT IN CONTEXT: Provide sales collateral from the right context (sales process); Use in-process sales guidance to get new hires up to speed; Model the behaviors of top performers & share best-practices. ENGAGE: See when your customers engage with your content. $2M in revenue annually & competes with Revegy, Altify, & AXIOM Sales Force Development. Stockholm, Sweden

Molnify AB Turn your Excel files & Google Sheets into web-based applications. Application development & deployment platform which lets you turn your Excel models & Google Sheets into online web applications. No coding. No lock-in. No fuzz. Build complex data models in Excel or Google Sheets & visualize them using Molnify. Let the user alter the assumptions & visualize the effect. Automatically selects the most appropriate chart for displaying your data, such as bar, line, pie & waterfall charts. Easily add the functionality of saving data as a specific scenario. You can later simply load or share this set of presets. Stockholm, Sweden

Napp @Napp_dk Acquired by Templafy (See Templafy) on 18-May-2020. Enabling sales & marketing teams to solve the needs of the ever demanding buyer. Ensure the right sales material is always available at all meetings. Control content in one centralized platform, & push updates instantly to all sales teams. SaaS software company helping B2B sales & marketing organizations succeed by empowering their sales teams with a better sales support tool that help them close more deals & have better conversations in meetings. Founded in Copenhagen, & venture funded in 2017, it empowers thousands of sales reps. Sales enablement platform that gives the sales team a tool to help before, during & after client meetings, & provide clients with a better buying experience. Copenhagen, Denmark

Prezentor @PrezentorCom Sales Enablement platform that transforms sales. Stand out, sell value & win time. Smart, easy-to-use editor, to build feature-rich, clever presentations with just a few clicks. Add videos, hotspots & relevant files to better sell your services or products. Sales teams appreciate it before, during & after meetings. Copenhagen, Denmark

Salesframe @Salesframe Sync latest materials, videos & other content via web-based management system. Integrate Salesframe with your existing systems such as Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Sharepoint, & IBM Notes. After meetings, quickly create a branded PDF of the materials & notes so customers have something to take away. Make winning pitches wherever you are with the app for iOS&Android. Finnish company; client base so far mostly Finland-originated B2B companies. Salesframe Oy; old name “sales interactive”. Helsinki, Finland

SalesValue @salesvaluexpert also see @thomasthejn Sales & Consulting Enablement made easy / Sales & Consulting Enablement solution: Intelligent content management, Automated knowledge sharing, Personalized recommendations, Analytics & insights. Activates the knowledge & power of your whole organization. We enable your Value Creators to help your customers. SalesValue ApS, Capital Region, Denmark

Seidat @SeidatApp cloud-based slide deck platform that enables creating interactive slide decks for any occasion & easily sharing them with your team & customers. Gives you the opportunity to manage all your slide decks under one platform. Keeping your material up-to-date & according to your brand for all your team members has never been this easy. Presentation platform for teams. Create, edit, present & share interactive presentations within the same app. Sell more efficiently with navigable pitch decks, save time with updates by using Smart slide, keep your brand consistent in all slide decks with brand & team management. KEEP YOUR TEAM’S PITCH DECKS UP TO DATE: Any changes made within a team are visible to all. You no longer have to worry about everyone having the most recent presentation materials. Seidat’s cloud does that for you. Team collaboration is easy when everyone always gets the latest materials automatically. Presentation platform for teams. Create, edit, present & share interactive presentations within the same app. $99.4K in estimated revenue annually. Helsinki, Finland

SHOWELL @ShowellApp Simple, Fast & Elegant Tablet Sales App / solution for sharing & presenting documents, videos, images & HTML5 content on the iPad. A sales enablement platform for winning sales teams. Easy & lightning fast platform for sales & marketing teams to provide the best experience for buyers & beat competitors. Sales acceleration & presentation app for iPad, Android & Windows 10. Tool to distribute, present & track your sales materials. Consists of Showell Admin, Showell App & Analytics. Showell Admin is where you manage content, users, permissions & settings. Showell App is what your sales reps use to browse, search, present, create & share content. With Showell’s Analytics you keep track of your sales team’s activities. Enterprise-ready , Showell has an API for integrations, e.g. SSO, CRM, DAM. It also provides a full support for HTML5 apps, e.g. forms, calculators, configurators, & other interactive content like animations & 3D. Sales Content Management: Central cloud storage for all your sales materials. Upload & organise PowerPoints, PDF’s, videos, images. Let your reps know what’s new & notify them by sending push / email messages. Manage users & set permissions. Control your Showell account’s branding, e.g. logo, colors, images & front page. Access analytics & track your sales team’s activities & Jyväskylä Helsinki, Finland

Templafy @Templafy manage, dynamically update & share business templates & brand assets throughout your organization, from anywhere & from any device. “Employees now know that they are always using the latest version of the templates & everything is completely integrated into the Office package.” Distribute the latest company templates & assets instantly & directly to the employees who need them available, right where they work. Governance resides in the central admin interface. Entire document ecosystems are centrally controlled, & global distribution takes just a click – with no need for IT involvement. All available company content is approved by your in-house experts & made available directly in the apps employees use. $9.8M in revenue annually & competes with HotDocs, Sparx Systems, & PandaDoc. Copenhagen, Denmark & Berlin, Germany (Acquired Napp on 18-May-2020)

Weld @Weld_io Interactive content in minutes – Create visual, animated, interactive content on your website. “No Code” BE CREATIVE WITHOUT CODE. Allows you to create visual, animated, interactive content on your existing website. No need for developers or agencies. Be more flexible, work faster, save money. Stockholm, Sweden

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 7.45.05 pmXait @XaitPorter @XaitCPQ team co-authoring & automation software solution. For complex tenders, proposals & reports. For winning bids & proposals. With proposal software & a CPQ solution in combination, you have a system that allows you to produce the best possible proposal, faster than your competitors, with zero errors or omissions. Become easier to buy from: XaitCPQ captures all of the complex product, pricing, & business rules in one central place for automating & streamlining actions in real time. Xait AS, Xait Inc. and Xait Ltd. Stavanger, Norway

Yooba @YoobaStudio Sales Meeting Performance Management Platform. Buyers today are more informed which means they are more in control of each sales opportunity. Sales people today have to be more advisers than ever before to build trust. They need to act as experts to create measurable business benefits by solving the customers needs. Yooba ensures that your salespeople are armed with: The right knowledge – Specific to the current selling situation – At the right time – In the right place – Tailored to the needs of the buyer. Craft beautiful, branded material with the user­-friendly design studio with 3D capabilities, polls, forms, & video. Marketing & management departments can instantly publish updates to reps— anytime, anywhere. Backend analytics record how presentations were delivered, & which material & messaging captivated clients. Get an unprecedented, comparative view on rep’s performance. Website offline since 23-Jan-2020. Social media silent since Feb-2017. Used to have $308.7K in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with Vablet, ClearSlide, Salesframe & Showpad. Stockholm

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