Sales Enablement tools powered by Machine Learning and AI Artificial intelligence

After a decade of Sales Enablement vendors having to optimize their experiences for mobile, now almost every new vendor seems to have a Machine Learning (ML) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) story to tell.

Here my list of Sales Enablement tools powered by – or at least integrating – ML / AI (obviously most uses of the term Artificial Intelligence are talking about Machine Learning). Last updated 17-May-2020:

2Viz 2VizCon @2VizCon business productivity through AI-driven enterprise apps. Software for the development of platform independent enterprise apps in marketing, sales, communication, learning. Sales Enablement: Transform your sales strategy with impactful sales enablement applications to sell more. Marketing Enablement: Stage your brands, marketing messaging & content on an engaging mobile platform. Combine fragmented technology stacks to create one integrated technology, one connected platform, one productive team. 2VizCon GmbH, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany & Kingston, Greater London, UK

Ada Inc / Ada Support @adasupport Chatbot platform that makes artificial intelligence accessible to non-technical support teams. It operates through both web & mobile machine learning engine that reduces support volume, empowers customers to find answers on their own, & automatically learns how to better serve customers in the future. $2M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Pandorabots, Dexter, & Passage AI. Toronto, ON, Canada

ASAPP @asapptech Making knowledge workers radically more productive. Powering effective and efficient customer experiences. An artificial intelligence customer service software that helps call center agents work more efficiently. Provides customer care & sales agents with a platform to know the right thing to say & the right action to take, in real time. Its machine learning models are continuously learning & predicting from every customer interaction, effectively turning every agent into the best agent without the need for manual programming or extensive training. Also offices in Silicon Valley, Raleigh, London & Buenos Aires. Manhattan, NY

Attivio (See ServiceNow below) @attivio a cognitive search & insight platform company. Unified information access platform: Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®). Ingests both structured & semi-structured data, Big Data & unstructured content, from a wide variety of databases, document repositories, content management systems, email systems, websites, social media & file servers. $11.9M in revenue. Boston, MA, USA acquires Attivio IP, core technology, & select R&D talent; expects to complete the acquisition by the end of Q4 2019. Announced October 2019. With the addition of the⁦ @attivio ⁩search engine ⁦@servicenow will move beyond keyword-based search to deliver conversational AI & search experiences at scale to customers.

Aviso @avisoinc helps sales organizations close more deals with AI-powered opportunity management. “Sales teams rely on our AI-powered WinScores, Opportunity Insights & Opportunity Maps to take control of pipeline & deliver better, more predictable outcomes.” Aviso’s AI-powered platform for sales helps close more deals. $12M in estimated revenue annually & competes with EverString, Lattice Engines, & Leadspace. Redwood City, CA

Bigtincan @bigtincan (ASX:BTH) helps sales & service teams increase win rates & customer satisfaction. The mobile AI-powered sales enablement automation platform’s user experience empowers reps to more effectively engage with customers & prospects & encourages team-wide adoption. Enhance sales productivity at every customer interaction. Bigtincan’s Genie can answer questions, help a sales rep find the right content for an upcoming call or meeting & improve overall sales productivity. Genie can also help deliver training, so it’s a learning assistant. Nov 30, 2017: Bigtincan, provider of mobile AI-powered sales enablement automation, acquired Contondo, provider of sales enablement automation tools for discovery & classification of available sales & service content enhancing measurement & improving ROI. Contondo’s data science team & core tech will be incorporated into the Bigtincan Hub Sales Enablement Automation Platform. June 18, 2018, Bigtincan acquired learning vendor (micro-learning / training & enablement platform) Zunos: “Bigtincan will leverage Zunos’ expertise to shape its learning platform in the Bigtincan Hub, focusing on micro-learning strategies to ensure retention, gamification to boost engagement & partner enablement to ensure dissemination of content & knowledge across partner teams & organizations.” September 25, 2018, Bigtincan acquired FatStax (creating end-to-end connections across CRM & sales enablement). July 25, 2019, Bigtincan acquired the assets of Portland, Oregon, USA based Veelo, Inc. for US$1.8m. Xinnovation, Inc “ @GoXinn acquired on 30/09/19. Global sales & marketing headquartered in Boston + offices across EMEA, Australia & Asia. Waltham, Massachusetts, USA but listed on the Australian ASX @Bit_docs Smart Document Collaboration for Teams! Your complete document ecosystem. Create, Manage, Track all from one simple to use platform. Collaboration tool that empowers sales teams to make marketing & sales materials while collaborating in a common workplace. Sales teams create, customize, collaborate & share sales proposals, sales decks, & client facing material. Receive notifications whenever a client or prospect views your sales proposal. Get engagement metrics e.g. how much time they spent on your smart document, how far they scrolled (scroll ratio) & how often they returned to the documents you shared. This data is extremely useful as you can instantly receive feedback on your proposal & make changes to improve the sales collateral you & your team create. Add a lead capture form while sharing a document. In order for your recipients to access the shared documents, they are required to fill out their name, company, email &/or phone number. Salespeople can also password protect their documents or even add an expiration date after which, the documents can’t be accessed. San Francisco, CA @brainshark a single platform for content creation, training (formal & just-in-time), & video coaching… Sales readiness software equips businesses with the training, coaching & content authoring capabilities to achieve sales mastery. Helps reps learn & prepare wherever, whenever, & however they work – so they’re always ready for any selling situation. The sales enablement software prepares sellers with the knowledge & skills they need, from the same systems & devices they use every day. SaaS-based sales enablement & readiness solutions. Applying artificial intelligence (AI) to drive sales productivity. Machine Analysis solution: AI-based engine for improving sales coaching & practice. Applies sentiment & other analyses to practice videos that sales people create before meetings. Their machine analysis engine, brings sales enablement AI to Salesforce to aid in sales rep training. The sales enablement tool uses machine learning to score & analyze sales-pitch practice videos created for reps. Algorithms screen for product coverage, key topics, speaking rate & emotions exhibited. By automating this analysis, sales teams can get faster feedback on videos to improve sales coaching. $50M in revenue annually & competes with MindTickle, SAVO, & CallidusCloud. Waltham MA, USA

Chatlets @Chatletsai platform enabling personalized micro conversions through conversational interfaces. Not your average sales bot: Curate content. Personalize experiences. Convert more leads. Builds dynamic conversations with relevant content to move B2B prospects through the sales funnel faster. Mountain View, CA. Joined Twitter April 2019 @chorus_ai conversation cloud. Provides AI driven conversation intelligence for sales teams. $4M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Aviso,, & Clari. AffectLayer, Inc. is a privately-held company that develops Chorus, a conversation intelligence tool, for sales teams. AffectLayer, Inc. was founded in 2015. San Francisco, California, United States & Tel Aviv, Israel

Conversr (powered by Burst SMS @burstsms) @conversr The next generation of customer engagement: A conversation control hub that enables you to manage the conversations you have with your customers by combining the powers of human logic & artificial intelligence. Personalized Conversations: Send & receive SMS. Flow Editor: Rapidly design & build custom solutions from our platform, or select one of our turn-key solutions to help you get started quickly. Reporting: Get reporting on key campaign metrics, including campaign goals & objective reporting. With primary business beginning in Australia & New Zealand, Burst SMS is now expanding rapidly globally. With staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver & Manila, the company has grown rapidly. AU, HK, NZ, PH, SG, UK, US


Ciara GmbH @getciara All-in-one conversation assistant who brings all your skills together, focuses on work so you can focus on results, & levels up your game. Virtual assistant exclusively for inside sales reps / inside sales teams. Provides them with interactive guides, proven playbooks, & smart objection handling, helping them to structure their phone conversations & increase their success & productivity. “With the best questions & best answers during your sales calls Ciara makes you an inside sales rockstar – right away. Outside sales is still around, but compared to inside sales it is trending down. Ciara will be able to understand a conversation in full & will provide real-time sales enablement skills to inside sales reps. Sales professionals spend just 34% of their time selling. They spend the rest of their time with data entry, quote generation, & other tasks.” These tasks keep them away from customers. Ciara is driven by the success of AI & real-time communications currently used by virtual assistants. With the playbook, reps can answer customer questions on competition, pricing, & new product capabilities quickly. The more you use it, the better it gets by using deep learning from daily interactions. Inside sales is growing because of the way consumers & businesses now interact with technology. When someone wants to buy a product or service, the first thing they do is search for it online. By the time they have made the decision to buy, they have all the information they need. In most cases, they make the first contact. Whether it is through email, chat or a phone call, this contact is made to an inside sales rep. How the rep responds will dictate if the customer is going to move forward with the purchase. This highlights the importance of proper training & having the right tools in place.” Founded Date: 2019. Munich, Germany @chorus_ai “platform for VPs of sales” automatically records, transcribes & analyze meetings in real-time. Helps sales people & employees by providing them critical insights regarding their sales call & meetings. It basically “eavesdrops” on your calls & extracts insights from audio. This helps to see how your meetings went, why deals were won or lost & how you can further improve the buyer experience. Information collected is also useful in training new hires on best practices. “Today’s customers expect continuity throughout the entire buyer’s journey. Ensure seamless handoff across your organization through a complete & searchable call transcript library.” San Francisco, CA

Complexica @Complexica_AI specializing in AI-based enterprise software applications that improve the effectiveness of sales & marketing activities. Optimise your Sales, Marketing & Supply Chain with Complexica’s Decision Cloud® Powered by Larry, the Digital Analyst®. Adelaide, South Australia. Australia

Conga (See Octiv, formerly known as TinderBox) @getconga end-to-end, AI-powered digital document transformation. The Conga Suite helps to simplify user experiences & increase productivity. Conga acquired Octiv, formerly known as TinderBox. Announced Date: Mar 7, 2018. Broomfield, CO

Conversica @MyConversica automate email conversations with all your leads to qualify them for Sales. AI software for marketing & sales, fosters real conversations to discover your most qualified sales opportunities. AI-powered sales assistant; uses human-like, two-way email conversations to automatically engage & qualify leads, freeing up Sales to close more business. Conversica, Inc. [“conversational artificial intelligence (AI) for business”] announced 30-Oct-2018 it secured a $31M Series C funding round led by existing investor Providence Strategic Growth Capital Partners L.L.C. (PSG), an affiliate of Providence Equity Partners, with participation from other existing investors Toba Capital & Kennet Partners & from new investors CIBC Innovation Banking & Savano Capital Partners. This brings the total invested capital to $87M. “Investment proceeds will be used to fund global sales & marketing expansion, as well as to continue development of Conversica’s technology” incl. an AI-powered system that automatically carries on conversations. Foster City, CA

Costello @andCostello (See SalesLoft. Acquired by SalesLoft on November 5, 2019) A.I. powered sales co-pilot software that shows your team what questions close deals & helps them keep deals on-track. We live in an era of hypercompetition. In response, sales teams increased the volume of prospecting calls & emails to an all-time high. The result is that buyers no longer give second chances on sales calls. Costello is A.I. powered sales co-pilot software that helps sales professionals consistently have great conversations with buyers & keep deals on-track. It identifies the questions that determine whether or not you will close deals & then helps your reps beat the competition by guiding them through the critical moments in sales calls that determine whether you win or lose. $3M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Pattern, Clari, & SalesHood. Indianapolis, IN @coveo combines “unified search”, analytics & Machine Learning (ML) to deliver relevant information & recommendations across every business interaction. Transforms businesses by improving customer engagement & up-skilling employees by providing the best information, every time, everywhere. AI-powered Search for every Salesforce community & app. Immediate access to all the content, wherever it resides. $38.8M in estimated revenue annually & competes with BA Insight, Sinequa, & Attivio. Québec, Canada

Curata @curata Content Marketing Software Solution. Our platforms are powered by machine learning, natural language processing, & AI. “Content Curation Software (CCS): Fuel Your Content Marketing Engine. Discover the best content with our self-learning engine. Easily organize & contextualize with just a few clicks. Publish & promote your content anytime & anywhere.” Boston, MA

Daisee artificial intelligence software company that builds cutting edge AI applications for business. Lisa: AI-driven speech analytics that drives compliance in every conversation with your customers. Increased Revenue: Identify cross-sell & up-sell opportunities, Predict sales success, Increase customer satisfaction, Identify new commercial opportunities from conversational data. Compliance remediation, Individual agent & team training, Brand experience improvement, Key metrics improvement (AHT, FCR), Customer satisfaction improvement, Customer buying predictors, Agent & customer churn predictors. Bridging the gap between technical AI & commercial application for businesses worldwide. Lisa is an enterprise-ready speech analytics solution built with the future in mind delivering ROI to business from day one. Platform agnostic working with the appropriate telephony provider for each client. St Leonards, Sydney, NSW, Australia; Melbourne, VIC, Australia & Palo Alto, CA, USA

Docurated @docurated Sales enablement & sales asset management platform powers content recommendations with AI & predictive analytics. Faster deck creation, Access the newest & most relevant content, Assemble new pitches in minutes, Pitch better & more often, Seamless integration with existing file storage, Automatic indexing & visualization of content, Mobile & desktop access. NYC, NY, USA. Their inception was in 2012; now part of Quark Software, Inc. Denver, CO. Quark Software announced 6-Dec-2017 it acquired Docurated.

DOOLY @DoolyHQ Close deals faster with sales enablement software that adapts to what your customers say. That time you felt flat-footed on a sales call because your prospect brought something up that you hadn’t anticipated… yeah, that wasn’t fun & we felt your pain. Dooly’s real-time playbook engine keeps your conversations as sharp & on-point as the buyer you talk to, matching their every move with sales tools that answer even their toughest questions. “Update Salesforce 10x faster. Dooly automates your CRM busywork so you can focus on selling. Sell more with less admin work slowing you down.” Ramp your sales reps faster at scale: Empower all of your sellers quickly to be as confident on day 1 as day 100. Feed relevant talking points and tools to your teams live during their sales calls based on the flow of the conversation. Your buyer doesn’t wait. Dooly surfaces the gaps in your sales process giving you essential insight into where your playbook needs improvement. Stop with the guesswork. Know what talk tracks & content perform best allowing you to continually optimize your enablement strategy. Quantifying the results of your enablement efforts isn’t easy. $2M in revenue annually & competes with Chorus,, & Conversable. Vancouver, BC, Canada

Draup Platform @draup_sales Machine Learning startup incubated at @Zinnov Powering Sales Enablement: Empowers sales teams with comprehensive account & stakeholder intelligence to enable micro-targeting. Analyzing millions of data points to help sales teams understand finer details about their prospects, such as buying preferences, technology choices, outsourcing deals, buying centers, strategic & investment priorities etc., while also obtaining a deep understanding of the key decision makers among your prospects. Equip you with sales intelligence & help you answer pressing sales questions such as “leads to prioritize”, “Right stakeholders to target”, & “How to approach the targeted opportunity”. Cloud hosted web application with data rich insights & visualizations to help you know the most important information about your prospects. US-India-China-Singapore. Santa Clara, California, US; India

Drift @Drift, Inc. (Connect your sales teams with your future customers now. Provides a buying experience for potential customers, generate more qualified leads, & accelerate the sales cycle. Conversation-driven marketing & sales platform. With its evolving set of tools & playbooks, Drift unlocks the insights buried in conversations to accelerate business success.) acquired Giant Otter Technologies, 3-Sep-2019. Giant Otter offered a way to create conversational AI directly from existing call recordings or chat transcripts. Massachusetts, USA

EdCast @EdCast AI-powered knowledge cloud for personalized learning & sales enablement. Deliver the content your learners need, when they need it, & where they want it. Aggregates your learning content including from your LMS, intranet, external providers, your subject matter experts, & your team’s preferred resources on the web. The most valuable content you have is the ‘tacit’ knowledge in the minds of your experts: Release it & build your own libraries of expert content. Machine Learning curation engine: Ensures that only high quality, most relevant, & contextual content is presented to your team. AI based targeting engine learns about your team & makes continuous learning recommendations directly to where they’re working – incl. Slack & Salesforce. A real time view of flow of expertise & knowledge across your teams. Helping you identify your most acknowledged, best connected, & influential team members. Mountain View, CA

Einstein ( learns from all your data to deliver predictions & recommendations based on your unique business processes. Coach sales reps with “Sales Cloud Einstein”. Assist service agents with “Service Cloud Einstein”. Guide marketers with “Marketing Cloud Einstein”: Create more predictive marketing journeys. Deliver the right content, to the right audience, on the right channel, at the exact right time with AI right where you work.

ExecVision @ExecVision_io Conversation Intelligence software built for coaching. Washington, DC

FlamingoAI @FlamingoAI Machine Learning Cognitive Virtual Assistants & FAQ & Knowledge Retrieval technologies (ASX:FGO). Conversational AI Platform for Enterprise: Cognitive Virtual Assistants for Employees & Customers. Empower your employees & customers to find your compliant, up to date information, fast! Improve operational efficiency & customer response times. Increase accuracy in information provision & compliance. Offers true unsupervised machine learning & Ai capabilities. A Conversational Ai Product for your sales journeys, from inquiry to Quote to Application & Purchase. The Virtual Sales Assistant guides your customers or employees through the sales journey from inquiry, quotation & application to purchase. The Virtual Sales Assistant can be used in fully automated or HAVA (Human Assisted Virtual Assistant) modes, where operators can join the conversation in real time & provide assistance. The platform is fast to deploy & easy to manage without technical expertise. It is highly configurable, auditable & secure, easily integrating with existing technologies. (Previous name Cre8tek.) link AU$635,692 in revenue over the last twelve months as of May 2019. New York, NY, USA & Sydney, NSW, Australia

GetAccept @getaccept AI-based eSignature & document tracking platform. “Harness video, live chat, proposal design, document tracking & e-signature to simplify the life of your sales team.” High Performer Sales Enablement Software. Send, Track & E-Sign your Documents. Reach the full potential of your sales process. Intelligent automation, personalized recipient engagement, & digital signature. Create & send documents that stand out against your competition. An electronic signature & document tracking platform, but for the closing stages of your sales cycle. Combine document tracking with eSigning & use machine learning to predict the next action needed to get the document signed. Enterprise features include video-introduction, automated live-chat, connected calls, & deal based display re-marketing. $5M in revenue annually. Competes with RightSignature, PandaDoc, & DocuSign. San Francisco, CA, USA based, but founding team comes from Sweden

Gong @Gong_io conversation intelligence platform for sales. Drive higher quota attainment across your team by recording, transcribing, & analyzing their conversations. Record: Automatically records every sales call or demo that happens across your sales floor. Transcribe: Each sales call is transcribed from speech to text, turning every conversation into data. Analyze: Analyzes everything your star reps do differently during their sales conversations, helping you bridge the gap. $25M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Seismic, Highspot, & San Mateo, CA

Grapevine6 @Grapevine_6 Relevant content to build your personal brand at digital selling. Enterprise social & digital sales engagement platform. Personalized content that allows your sales force to start valuable conversations & build trusted relationships with the right buyers. Get your sales team working smarter & faster with AI. Grapevine6 analyzes the interests & posts on their personal digital profile then picks the best content on the web based on that profile. Your sales people choose which of the selected articles to share. Grapevine6 automatically schedules the content to post on their social accounts & digital channels or they can share it one-to-one. Toronto, ON, Canada

Highspot sales engagement platform providing visibility & insight across the sales cycle. End-to-end platform that closes the loop between marketing, sales & the customer providing real-time alerts & predictive analytics on all your business content. Increase seller effectiveness, improve sales management visibility to best practices, & deliver insights to marketing to produce content that drives engagement & revenue. Optimize how your marketing & sales teams use content to effectively engage customers & drive revenue. “Content Genomics” analyzes numerous signals for each piece of content, such as text, color, size, aspect ratio, & graphics. It applies Machine Learning (ML) to determine a genetic code for the content, identifying slides & pages that are related even though they are in separate documents & have been modified. This information is then used to provide an accurate analysis of all the content used by the sales team, measuring usage & performance across the sales cycle. Content Genomics powers many features, including advanced analytics, semantic search, intelligent recommendations & content scoring. Seattle, WA. Source:

Jiminny @JiminnyInc a platform for all your customer conversations. Use Automation & AI to help your team grow & develop. “If you’re already using Slack to share new sales wins, product feedback, pipeline updates & sales content, then you should probably be using Jiminny.” Transcribe, search & save time with Voice AI: Transcribes your calls instantly after the meetings are finished. Search specific moments in the call to spend time coaching where it matters. New York, New York, United States

Kemvi AI-powered growth automation for B2B sales & marketing teams. Applying artificial intelligence & machine learning to help sales teams. Launched DeepGraph, a product that analyzes public data so that salespeople can identify the best time (say, after a job change or the publication of an article) to reach out to potential customers. It also proactively reaches out to verify leads. Acquired by HubSpot. Announced Date: Jul 25, 2017. Had $3M in revenue annually & used to compete with, feedly, & Kapost. San Francisco, California, USA

Kiite AI for Sales Enablement @kiiteHQ “The future of work is being built today. Supercharge your workforce with Kiite, the world’s first Intelligent Sales Coach. Streamline Sales Enablement: Let’s face it, there’s too much company knowledge & it’s impossible to train reps on everything. Knowledge is scattered among applications & websites, making it difficult for sales reps to access & leverage to sell more.” Dec 27, 2017, raised undisclosed amount / Seed from Xfund. Waterloo, Ontario

MindTickle Inc. @mindtickle sales enablement & readiness platform that gives you the power to ramp up new reps faster, coach them effectively, keep them up-to-date & create a culture of sales excellence. 360 degree Sales Readiness Solution (Accelerate time-to-productivity of new sales reps). Onboarding. Ongoing. Coaching. “Anytime Anywhere: Native Mobile app & responsive design built on HTML5 delivers a rich user experience with high usability.” Reporting “Pull reports, slice & dice data + analyze performance of sales teams by location, department, product line or any custom parameter.” Machine learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable administrators & managers to assess rep performance effectively, coach individuals & teams, & prescribe targeted remediation. New capabilities included machine-assisted evaluations such as automatic transcription of virtual role-plays, keyword identification, & machine-assisted seller performance monitoring with quantitative & qualitative scoring. New micro-learning & content creation capabilities with advanced support for webcam & screen capture. This capability assists creators in quickly developing & distributing relevant & timely content to teams. Has $13M in revenue annually. Competes with SalesHood, Rehearsal, & Cornerstone OnDemand. San Francisco, CA startup founded 2018. Allows companies to embrace their full innovation potential by automating the management of ideas with natural language processing & machine learning. Thanks to instant feedback on ideas, we help making every employee an innovator. Bring your sales content to the next level: Our solutions helps you to better engage with your leads & to get the most out of your sales content. Without doing anything. Thanks to our sales automation algorithm you are always a step ahead. Stuttgart, Germany

Modus @modusengagement (used to be known for their product App Data Room @AppDataRoom) Sep 19, 2018, Modus rebranded its company Sales enablement platform used by 70k sales & marketing professionals to conduct critical customer conversations to engage buyers. Simplified digital sales enablement platform to help organizations empower sales teams, optimize buyer interactions & boost marketing ROI by digitally transforming their sales & marketing. Ensures sales teams, distributors, & dealers always have access to the right sales materials, at the right time via an easy-to-use, fully brandable mobile application with AI-assisted content management. Minneapolis, MN

Napp @Napp_dk enabling sales & marketing teams to solve the needs of the ever demanding buyer. Ensure the right sales material is always available at all meetings. Control content in one centralized platform, & push updates instantly to all sales teams. SaaS software company helping B2B sales & marketing organizations succeed by empowering their sales teams with a better sales support tool that help them close more deals & have better conversations in meetings. Founded in Copenhagen, & venture funded in 2017, it empowers thousands of sales reps. Sales enablement platform that gives the sales team a tool to help before, during & after client meetings, & provide clients with a better buying experience. The small IT company has received a million Dollar grant from the Innovation Fund’s Innobooster program to staff up & work on artificial intelligence features. Copenhagen, Denmark

Nudge Software @nudgeai a social selling app that helps you grow the right relationships from your network of weak connections.

Obie Tasytt Inc. operating as @AskObie The fastest way to find knowledge at work. Connect existing knowledge tools in seconds or document knowledge with Obie to create a single source of truth for your team. Integrated with the tools your team already uses like Slack, Confluence, Jira, Google Drive, Dropbox, & much more, so setup is a breeze. Reduce the time knowledge workers spend looking for information by more than 30%. Automatically detects company knowledge gaps to enable better product development & support. San Francisco, CA, USA

Olono (previous name @OlonoAI sales orchestration. Intelligent Next Best Actions that improve win rates & quota attainment. Real-time, guided selling for B2B sales organizations. SaaS-based solution: Leverages the sales & marketing application investments organizations have already made, capturing all sales activity from any source—then delivers Intelligent Next Best Actions that increase engagement & improve win rates for AE’s & AM’s. Austin, Texas, USA. Oct. 3, 2019InsightSquared @insightsquared, provider of revenue intelligence solutions, acquired Olono. Together, InsightSquared & Olono offer an end-to-end revenue operations (RevOps) platform, connecting your sales & marketing data with historical & real-time activity & engagement data to boost sales execution & grow revenue. InsightSquared alone had estimated $9M USD in annual revenue & Olono estimated $5.1M USD.

Outreach @outreach_io Sales Engagement Platform (SEP) accelerates revenue growth by optimizing every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. Manages all customer interactions across email, voice & social, & leverages machine learning (ML) to guide reps to take the right actions. Knowledge AI Assistant (Kaia) is designed to provide secure sales enablement intelligence, advanced task automation & organization and management capabilities for web conference integration that enables users to conduct meetings & track important data from sales conversations to cater the right follow-up: Call-recording & speech-to-text transcription capabilities; Content cards provide information on a requested topic; People cards summarize known information on clients; & Meeting summaries. Also designed to highlight critical action items for sales reps to complete, bookmark important information and ensure the privacy of its users by storing all data & recordings in Outreach’s servers. $87.8M in revenue annually & competes with Litmos, SalesLoft, & Rehearsal. Seattle, San Francisco, USA

Playbook AI @playbookai “guides sales professionals in B2B businesses to contact the right prospect, at the right time by using artificial intelligence.” Accelerate Growth in SaaS – Using AI-first Account Based Sales Acceleration Platform: “Playbook AI provides task-by-task prescriptions to inside sales teams, which increase effectiveness, efficiency & velocity of winning deals.” Training Creator: “Are you new recruits taking a long time to ramp up? Get them boiler room ready in a few days. Create micro training videos personalized to each task to teach new recruits how to interact with a prospect.” AI-first omni-channel inside sales acceleration technology, which prescribes activities to B2B sales teams that increase conversion & velocity. Bengaluru, India

Pobuca @siebenGR (“Transforming CRM to AI bots. Pobuca CRM suite of PobucaConnect, PobucaSales & PobucaLoyalty for brands & retailers”) Sales, marketing & productivity software that helps brands & retailers grow in the fast-paced digital economy. Pobuca Sales is a mobile field-sales automation solution for sales representatives & merchandising auditors that enables you to achieve more sales per day, automate merchandising tasks & be more productive. $5M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Insightly, Spiro.AI, & SugarCRM. Athens, Greece & London, UK

Qurious (Founder @Sabrina_Atienza) Real-Time Voice A.I. To Drive Sales. AI helps you to create a superstar sales team!

Refract @refract_ai Shine a light to reveal what aligns with success in your business. Profile coachable insight on every rep on every call, to improve performance & revenue. Turn sales starters into stars, faster. AI insights from every conversation: What do your top performers do in sales conversations that makes them successful? Every company is different, each conversation unique. AI determines what creates successful outcomes for you & delivers personalized coachable insight for every rep. Reduce ramp time for new hires with improved coaching & personalized feedback. Refract empowers reps to learn from their peers, explore a best practice playbook & track their progress, all in one place. Integrates with an ever growing range of CRMs, call dialers, call recording systems, & video conferencing platforms. No need to jump between tabs & services, harness the power of Refract within the products your reps rely on, with one click integrations. North East, England

Regalix Nytro Platform (Agency turning into product) develops solutions for Sales Enablement, Revenue Operations & Thought Leadership. Create, organize & measure interactive content so you can more effectively coach & train your sales teams to close deals quicker. The Nytro Trainer app includes remote coaching capabilities including: Role-Based Virtual Onboarding (ability to onboard sales reps remotely & at scale, enabling them with the right sales readiness content so they can start selling to buyers across the various stages of the funnel), AI-Powered Training (Sales leaders can create customized quiz + assessment journeys, powered by artificial intelligence that recommends guided selling paths that prepare SDRs, BDRs, AEs & Field Reps with selling capabilities), Pitch Master (practice, perfect & record demos & pitches for quick evaluation, powered by AI, that provides insights into which reps are ready to sell & which require more practice to master the perfect pitch), Continuous-Coaching (create PinBoards which inform reps on the latest & greatest sales tips, plays, industry news & best practices, keeping them on top of their game to constantly improve their sales skills in an ever-changing market). Palo Alto, California, United States (Old branding was Many offices in India

SalesChoice @SalesChoice_inc a lot more on the CRM system side of the definition of Sales Enablement than I would normally go. “AI for B2B sales analytics that is proven on the largest dataset in the world. Salesforce ISV-certified.” AI SaaS-based predictive & prescriptive analytics company that increases the performance of business-to-business sales. Co-Founder Cindy Gordon is also the founder of Helix Commerce.  Toronto, ON, Canada

SalesLoft @SalesLoft sales engagement platform. Transform the way sellers engage with their customers by delivering a better selling experience. Finally experience true marketing & sales alignment on a single platform. With improved visibility & easy collaboration on templates, sales plays, & lead routing, SalesLoft puts marketing & sales on the same page. Expanded Machine Learning (ML) capabilities enable sales professionals to take personalization to the next level. Eg: Seniority model automatically recognizes a person’s position in the organization & place them into the ideal persona-based cadence. Hot Leads injects Artificial Intelligence (AI) into workflows where it counts, prioritizing engaged contacts, so users can focus their efforts connecting with the right people at the right time. $23M in revenue annually & competes with Outreach, Velocify, Inc., & 2k+ customers, including Square, MuleSoft, WeWork, & Dell, use the company’s sales engagement platform to engage in more relevant, authentic & sincere ways. (Acquired Costello on November 5, 2019.) Headquartered in Atlanta, they have additional locations in San Francisco, New York City & Guadalajara, Mexico. Atlanta, GA, USA

SalesProQuo @SalesProQuo Sales intelligence platform designed for – & built by – the sales community. SPEND LESS TIME RESEARCHING & MORE TIME SELLING: Combines artificial intelligence with crowdsourced data to provide all the information you need to start selling faster. Close more deals fast by using machine learning to transform data into actionable intelligence. Tap into the hidden power of the sales community to unlock the knowledge of other salespeople. Venice, LA

SAM (Sales Accelerator Matrix) SAM.Coach @samcoachaiPowered by AI”. Intuitive platform with human-like intelligence calibrated for improving sales forecast accuracy & generating more sales. Helps salespeople increase ROI on their selling time. Enables BDMs, AMs, Pre-sales consultants effectively capture & validate critical customer information, which ultimately underpins the accuracy of sales forecast. By leveraging a common & objective platform, SAM also helps sales managers reduce time & increase effectiveness when providing accounts review, win/loss analysis & coaching. The startup has three objectives, 1. increase ROI on salespeople’s selling time (& sales managers’ time on accounts review, win/loss analysis & coaching); 2. improve sales forecast accuracy, & 3. eliminate the need to manually enter information into CRMs. [By SAAPRO Technologies a specialist Salesforce consultancy that helps minimize costs while maximizing your ROI; Chatswood NSW 2057.] Sydney, Australia

ScopeAI @ScopeAI automatically extracts actionable insights from customer service conversations using NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). San Francisco, CA

ServiceNow acquires Attivio IP, core technology, & select R&D talent; expects to complete the acquisition by the end of Q4 2019. Announced October 2019. With the addition of the⁦ @attivio ⁩search engine ⁦@servicenow will move beyond keyword-based search to deliver conversational AI & search experiences at scale to customers. cloud-based platform & solutions deliver digital workflows that help people do their best work. Santa Clara, CA, USA

Showpad (around since 2011) acquired LearnCore (provider of sales training & coaching software) to deliver an integrated Sales Enablement platform: Sales content, engagement, training & coaching. LearnCore & Showpad’s combined platform will leverage data analytics & artificial intelligence to optimize investment in content, deliver relevant content recommendations for sales, & improve the skills of sales teams through personalized training & coaching at scale. Nov. 14, 2018, Showpad sales enablement platform for sellers, acquired meeting intelligence software Voicefox to help with seller productivity, buyer engagement/experience. By recording, transcribing & analyzing business conversations, it gives sales managers the ability to understand & validate what’s happening in the field. Armed with this intelligence, sales managers can more effectively & scalably coach their teams. Chicago, IL, US

SmartWinnr @smartwinnr Gamified platform to improve sales & training through better retention. Compliance onboarding, Sales Development, Sales Knowledge, Learning. “Sales Acceleration Platform: Drive knowledge through AI-driven quizzes & feeds. Enhance performance by data-driven coaching. Boost performance by gamifying Sales KPIs.” San Francisco, CA / Walnut, California & Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India. MobillionLabs, Inc.

Stackchat @StackchatApp AI-driven chatbot platform. AI/Chat Assistant. Sydney, New South Wales @squirro Squirro AG also known as Nektoon AG. “Do more with data! Boost your client engagement & service levels with the Squirro Insights Engine, combining human intelligence & powerful AI”. Delivers real-time context intelligence by combining structured & unstructured data. Harvest content that matters: Revolutionize the way you gather/store/use content that matters. AI-platform – a self-learning system keeping you in the know & recommending what’s next. Extracts & delivers the right insights to you at precisely the right time, automatically. We call it “Augmented Intelligence” because machines augment human intelligence enabling us to make better decisions. Doing more with your data is critical. Forrester calls it the ‘Insights Economy’. Because smart business is about connecting the dots, you develop a deeper understanding of customers, partners, & markets, spot trends & predict anomalies in all of your data – automatically. $6.7M in estimated revenue annually. Competes with Sinequa, Attivio, & Expert System. Zürich/Zurich, Switzerland

Tact @tact_ai sales experience platform. Turns a salesperson’s connected device into an AI-powered smart assistant. Works through voice, SMS & offline mobile app. Right there when you need it, automating data entry, delivering insights, & turning admin time into more selling. A single pane of glass to augment daily seller productivity, drive business collaboration, & provide key sales insights across teams. Connects Sales organizations to the data they need across CRM, email, calendar, LinkedIn, Zendesk & beyond, through natural text, touch, & voice conversational experiences. 27-Jan-2020: The AI platform caught the attention of their 5th Fortune 500 organization: Honeywell invested into the human-friendly customer relationship management (CRM) company via Honeywell Ventures & is planning to fully deploy the assistant to their sales teams. Previous investors include Salesforce Ventures, M12 Ventures, Accel Partners, & Upfront Ventures. Redwood City, California, USA (Former name tactile?)

Vervoe @VervoeHQ sales hires made through Vervoe are converting sales at a rate nearly twice as high as the benchmark. Hire on performance, not background, with Vervoe’s instantly autogradable skills assessments. Uses machine learning to create tailored skills assessments that are instantly auto-gradable. Vervoe Pty Ltd. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Woveon @Woveon “conversational technology that absorbs & analyzes billions of conversations, giving you unrivalled business intelligence to win”. Intelligent customer Service. Organise all of your customer channels into one. Put the “smarts” into your customer service. Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Woveon helps businesses make smarter decisions about customer service 24/7. Identifies valuable customers, prioritises conversations & integrates with multiple systems. Helps companies use conversation to automatically fix their customer experience. Learns how to best reply to customers using easily searchable historical conversation data. Philadelphia, PA, US & Sydney, NSW, Australia

XANT, Inc. @XANT_AI Playbooks Mobile by XANT (previously PLAYBOOKS: The Intelligent Sales Engagement solution that improves the productivity, visibility and effectiveness of teams in a way CRM & AI alone cannot. Complete sales enablement solution available on mobile devices. Guides reps to focus on the accounts, people & opportunities that will actually generate revenue. Playbooks does this by prioritizing a reps daily tasks & enables AI driven engagement. Modern engagement powered by Buyer Intelligence. PROVO, UTAH 84606, USA

xiQ personalized account based-marketing (ABM), content marketing. Curated insights empowering B2B teams to sell smarter & faster. Combines AI with human intelligence to equip sales & marketing teams with curated insights to personalize customer engagement, generate better quality leads & win more deals. Filters information from millions of sources into relevant, beautifully packaged & highly shareable content to make customer engagement faster, smarter & easier than ever before. Silicon Valley

19 thoughts on “Sales Enablement tools powered by Machine Learning and AI Artificial intelligence”

  1. Paul – great breakout of A.i. tools.
    Some of these will be on display at the upcoming May 2018 AA-ISP Ai show.
    CRM Refresh ( – is an Ai automation to validate and fix your stale contacts right from within your crm, sales enablement and marketing automation tools. It boosts productivity by eliminating wasted contact attempts and research time.

    By partnering with 1,200+ email service providers our Ai can predict the likelihood your contacts will open, respond or complain about your campaigns.

    Get your own free account and have it scan your contacts.


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