More movement and acquisitions in the B2B Sales Enablement SaaS market

More movement and acquisitions in the B2B Sales Enablement SaaS / MarTech markets! [Edits 11-Jul-2021]


I’m using the number of LinkedIn users with Sales Enablement in their job title to come up with a compound annual growth rate:

compound annual growth rate of 31.78%

I’ve updated my complete market overview airtable with 673 line items:


Pipedrive @pipedrive web-based Sales CRM. CRM platform developed from the salesperson’s point-of-view. 5-Mar-2020, Pipedrive announced it acquired Mailigen, provider of an email marketing automation solution. Their first acquisition will make it easier for Pipedrive customers to access software that generates leads & nurtures customers. Mailigen @mailigen email marketing automation platform & agency servicing small to medium size companies around the world. Email marketing for Pipedrive users: Get ready to engage your customers & make entirely new ones. Mailigen in Riga, Riga, Latvia (Pipedrive estimated annual revenue $46.5M, based in New York, New York, US) August 2020 saw the launch of Sales Docs (in beta): Send trackable quotes, proposals, & contracts from your CRM. See when files are opened & make updates in real-time. Follow up at the right moment and close deals faster. Auto-fill docs with Pipedrive data: Send quotes faster with less manual copy-pasting & fewer errors. Create document templates that automatically pull products from your catalog or information from any Pipedrive field. By sending trackable documents, you get notified whenever they’re opened. Follow up at the right time to lock in sales quickly. Find docs easily: Store quotes, proposals & contracts where you can quickly locate them. Track them against deals in Pipedrive or your chosen storage drive to evaluate their effectiveness & make improvements.

XANT, Inc. @XANT_AI Playbooks Mobile by XANT (previously announced rebranding 4-Nov-2019: PLAYBOOKS: The Intelligent Sales Engagement solution that improves the productivity, visibility and effectiveness of teams in a way CRM & AI alone cannot. Complete sales enablement solution available on mobile devices. Guides reps to focus on the accounts, people & opportunities that will actually generate revenue. Playbooks does this by prioritizing a reps daily tasks & enables AI driven engagement. Modern engagement powered by Buyer Intelligence. PROVO, UTAH 84606, USA

Kony Kony enterprise apps: Reach your employees on any channel – phones, tablets, desktops, & more – to deliver a consistent experience that drives enterprise-wide adoption. Enable sales teams to engage with customers in a personalized & informed way – anytime, anywhere. Help field & plant workers quickly execute & close work orders with intuitive workflows & access to pertinent information. September 25, 2019, Temenos (SIX: TEMN), GENEVA Switzerland banking software company, announced that the acquisition of Kony Inc @kony the US digital banking SaaS company has now closed.

Olono (previous name @nexd_ai) @OlonoAI sales orchestration. Intelligent next best actions that improve win rates & quota attainment. Real-time guided selling for B2B sales organizations. SaaS-based solution: Leverages the sales & marketing application investments organizations have already made, capturing all sales activity from any source—then delivers Intelligent Next Best Actions that increase engagement & improve win rates for AE’s & AM’s. Austin, Texas, USA. Oct. 3, 2019InsightSquared @insightsquared, provider of revenue intelligence solutions, acquired Olono. Together, InsightSquared & Olono offer an end-to-end revenue operations (RevOps) platform, connecting your sales & marketing data with historical & real-time activity & engagement data to boost sales execution & grow revenue. InsightSquared alone had estimated $9M USD in annual revenue & Olono estimated $5.1M USD.

    • Instructure, Inc. @instructure – also known as Bridge @GetBridge – was bought out by Thoma Bravo for $2Bn on Dec 4, 2019. This deal was done in cash.
    • Uberflip has acquired SnapApp @Snap_app on Dec 3, 2019. SnapApp (We empower marketers to create interactive experiences that activate buyers, accelerates leads through the funnel, & unleashes growth. Boston, Massachusetts, United States) SnapApp has joined the Uberflip family to help marketers create better content experiences, accelerate pipeline, & gather audience intelligence that can drive business ROI.
    • Impartner @ImpartnerPRM Impartner PRM formerly known as TreeHouse Interactive (acquired in 2015 by Kennet Partners) SaaS-based Partner Relationship Management & Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) solutions, will acquire the Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) business from partner automation solutions provider TIE Kinetix @TIEKinetix. The acquisition includes TIE Kinetix’s suite of Brand Control & Demand Generation technologies. Impartner will provide a channel management platform to help companies accelerate the performance of their channel. The sale is expected to close in Q2 2020.
    • Trapit @trapit platform for employee advocacy & social selling. Empower employees on social media with content.  Trapit was acquired by ScribbleLive in May 2017. Then Rock Content acquired ScribbleLive on Dec 10, 2019. [ScribbleLive: content cloud provider that helps companies manage the lifecycle of their content] Rock Content: Based in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

2021, my blog is turning 12 years old (see the archive going all the way back to February 2009), but I’m proud to say that there are no broken/dead links at the moment [despite one false positive]:

Besides helping with SEO, screening for broken URL links also servers as my alert for defunct sales enablement companies for my market death watch / death pool and helped me hear about the acquisition mentioned above.

Depending on how you count, the Sales Enablement industry is turning more than 20 years old

Pam Didner’s book Effective Sales Enablement

Pam Didner’s book Effective Sales Enablement. Honoured to be mentioned. The book will be launched in the UK on 10/3 and in the US on 10/23:
Pam Didner’s book Effective Sales Enablement

Depending on how you count, the Sales Enablement industry is turning more than 20 years old!


I’m proud to be quoted in Pam Didner’s excellent book

‘Effective Sales Enablement’

As you can see above, we were trying to find out how old the term Sales Enablement or the Sales Enablement industry is.

We used Google and Google Trends.

However, Google Trends only allows you to go back to 2004:

Today, I found out that there is a second book that is quoting my blog and specifically my research on how many people on LinkedIn have Sales Enablement in their job title; which was 10,540 globally on 5-Feb-2020.

That second book happens to be in Japanese!

That book is actually making a great point.

Using Google Translate on an excerpt I was able to read that the author looked at when the domain was first registered: 1998!

That’s in line with when the first Sales Enablement companies were started:

Depending on when you consider two companies to constitute the start of an industry, the Sales Enablement industry recently turned 20 years old!

It also reached more than $3Bn USD in annual revenue for software (not counting content services / training / agencies or CRMs):

My blog – you could argue – has been tracking or writing the “History of the Sales Enablement market” since 2009 (See the archive and the search on this blog) and my lists have 605 line items of active, acquired and shut down businesses or rebranded product names.

The company I moved from ‘active’ to ‘out of business’ the most recently was:

Chemistry @usechemistry enterprise web & tablet technology built to align Sales & Marketing through 3 of the most critical components: Digital asset management, integrated data collection, & customized sales tools. Used to compete with SETVI, SKURA, & Distribion. Kansas City, MO, USA (Website offline since 5-Feb-2020 but last LinkedIn post already 11 months old.)

It will be interesting to watch, if the popularity of the term Sales Enablement reaches the popularity of the much broader term MarTech (in the USA – just like it does globally) or if another term takes over. So far, Sales Engagement does not seem to take off.

Yet another market overview graphic – publishes Sales Enablement primer

Having identified far over 186 Sales Enablement SaaS vendors here on my blog and tracking 597 line items for the entire market in an airtable (which you can search or export), I really thought I was aware of most vendors.

However, Sudipto Ghosh at posted the following graphic on Jan 24, 2020 and I have to admit: Quite a lot of logos I’m not familiar with.

I have started to add the vendors from this graphic to my lists.

Just as one of the Canadian vendors fell off my list for Canada ( and moved to my list of shut down businesses, I’m adding a new one also from Canada: Content Camel

In other news: The number of LinkedIn users with Sales Enablement in their current job title reached a high of 10,528 globally on 2-Feb-2020