Sales Enablement software companies from France – French B2B SaaS Sales Engagement tools

For my European list see here. My list of French Sales Enablement software vendors (Sales Enablement solution, marketing content management, sales knowledge management) from France, as of 11-Sep-2021: acquired by Atos. blueKiwi software had $7.1M in revenue annually & competed with Jamespot, Yammer, & Jive Software. Paris, Ile-de-France, France. Also see circuit by unify below.

1553698133065Bricks @Bricks_AI industrialize your sales: Sales & marketing teams create business documents in a flash, anywhere. Sales enablement platform helping sales, marketing, & data teams personalize their assets incl. RFPs, contracts, & business proposals. For sales, pre-sales, marketing & IT/data teams! Collaborate more efficiently with easy sharing of content. End the information chaos! Sales people create documents on a daily basis in their own way. Marketing struggles to uphold the brand image, & pre-sales to ensure the use of the most up-to-date arguments. Bricks provides a solution to those problems, thanks to a division of information & rights. Ensure compliance with your brand image & expertise: Your charter elements, arguments & personalization data come together harmoniously to create your documents & presentations. Always up to date, they support the success of your business initiatives. Gain commercial efficiency: Responses to calls for tenders, commercial presentations, contracts. Sales teams can assemble personalized & harmonized documents in a flash to fully concentrate on their sales. Starter: Essentials & DIY for small & autonomous teams (Format pptx, Collections: contacts, companies logos, Video training). Enterprise: Formats pptx, docx, xlsx… Personalized collections & set-up. Station F, Paris, France

circuit by unify @CircuitHQ (Unify Inc.,, Unify, atos collaboration solutions) enterprise-grade collaboration platform that brings messaging & realtime communications together. Easy & engaging team collaboration for today’s teams. Improves teamwork by combining audio, video & screen-share with persistent messaging & content sharing in a single experience. / had been acquired by Atos, France

Dimelo RingCentral Engage Digital @RC_Engage Paris, France. 23-Oct-2018: RingCentral, Inc., (NYSE:RNG) provider of global enterprise cloud communications & collaboration solutions, announced that it completed its acquisition of Dimelo, a cloud-based digital customer engagement platform. The acquisition of Dimelo further bolsters RingCentral’s position as a cloud communications provider worldwide. In addition, this acquisition will enable RingCentral to offer a modern end-to-end solution in the high-growth customer engagement solutions market & empower agents to efficiently manage customer interactions across digital channels via a single interface leveraging Dimelo’s AI-based smart routing engine. BELMONT, Calif., USA. Paris, France

Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 10.20.08 amEasyMovie @EasyMovie enterprise all-in-one video platform to accelerate Sales Efficiency with video. Accelerate & engage your Sales team. Empowers top-performing teams to build more sales pipeline, personalize their customer experiences, & share their expertise through video. EasyMovie’s integrations with Salesforce & other sales tools empower you to create & share right from your existing workflows. New York, United States. EasyMovie, Inc. managed by MY EASY MOVIE, a French simplified joint-stock company. France

SalesMods @M3E_Solutions designed to integrate all kind of customized additional modules (Mods – Micro Apps) for your specific needs. Cross-functional alignment by optimizing processes & user satisfaction in different departments (Sales, Marketing, Production, Quality, Supply Chain, etc.). PRODUCT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (PIM): Designed to integrate easily multiple information from internal (ERP, CRM…) & external databases in innovative interactive product sell sheets. DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (DAM): Facilitate, accelerate & optimize your client visit – thanks to a unique automatic personalization of all sales relevant information for every commercial. Access on/offline to all your presentations, documents, video, catalogues, promotions, etc. Smart Content: personalized automatic updates. A Sales Engagement 4.0 tool. PDF to download. Paris, France

Tilkee @tilkeeapp cloud based app that increases sales team’s closing rate & optimizes prospects follow-up by tracking business proposals. $1M in estimated revenue annually & competes with ClearSlide, DocSend, & Showpad. Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France

Touch & Sell @Touch_Sell multi-device mobile app for sales presentations. Touch & Sell makes it possible to create with autonomy the application which will serve you as a support in commercial RDV. Paris, France @verticalls_eco AI video conferencing platform for sales teams that can transform meetings into data & delivers insights at scale. Increase the performance of your sales representative remotely: Verticalls analyzes all the interactions during the virtual meetings & allows you to follow the activity of your teams even when working remotely. We build an all in one remote selling platform for sales teams in order for managers to know what’s happening during remote meetings, growth the performance & optimize the time of their teams. Goomeo SAS, France

1519922011651Wonda VR @wonda_vr creative learning & collaboration solutions. We design intuitive tools & robust solutions to make the most of emerging VR, AR & MR technologies. Wonda VR Spaces, is an all-in-one Web application to create & share immersive learning & discovery experiences on all platforms. In 5 years, our solutions have been chosen by 10k+ creators, educators & communicators working for top brands & institutions such as Salesforce, EY, VMware, NYU, Parsons or Harvard University. Brooklyn, NY, USA. Paris, France, Wonda VR, Inc.

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