What people want to know about Sales Enablement and where they live

I still keep on refreshing my work in progress list of Sales Enablement vendors and would like to share some stats from this blog. They show where in the world there is an interest in Sales Enablement, that there is demand for a figure that gives this market a size, and what people google for.










Most viewed posts (excluding outdated job posts) for 90 days ending April 2, 2013:

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Search Terms for 90 days ending April 2, 2013:

sales enablement
channel enablement definition
global sales enablement
mobile strategy for sales enablement
sales intranet
sales enablement market size
sales content enablement chart case study
sales enablement kpi
sales enablement companies
information architecture
sales enablement portal
sales enablement training
sales enablement software market size
sales enablement plan

One thought on “What people want to know about Sales Enablement and where they live”

  1. Thanks Paul for tracking this. One problem that I see in this space is that there isn’t a clear definition of what constitutes “Sales Enablement” it’s still a term that a lot of people and organizations are trying to figure out. Unlike CRM where Salesforce.com is the 800 pound gorilla in the room and a clear definition of contact management and customer relationship management, sales enablement is still forming what it is and there are a lot of players in the field who consider themselves sales enablement solutions.

    Continue to keep us all informed.

    Chuck Carey
    CEO Compendian, Inc.


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