Video on Connecting People for Sales Enablement and Conversation Enablement

From BizSphere:

“Moving Unified Communication beyond technology. This video explains how people in an enterprise can communicate effectively and process-oriented based on state-of-the-art unified communications technologies.”

This is the Sales Enablement application my company has been working with since 2006. I am using what the video describes on a daily basis. Ever tried to look up who within your company has a given role with regards to a given product in a given country… maybe in a given vertical? Finding these people in seconds and then starting a call with one click is web 3.0 mashed up with Unified Communications! Way cool. Basically this is Conversation Enablement.

Definition of Conversation Enablement

Building on Michael Gerard’s definition of Sales Enablement, Conversation Enablement can be defined as:

The delivery of the right knowledge(=information provided in context) in the right format
and the right questions to ask (“Conversations are about discovery”)
to the right person at the right time and in the right place
necessary to move a specific conversation forward.


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