Sales Enablement in a Sales 2.0 world

Counting 90 different Sales Enablement vendors worldwide

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I (about me) keep a work in progress list of vendors/solutions for…

  • Sales Enablement
  • Marketing Asset Management
  • Sales Knowledge Management
  • Sales Content Management
  • Enterprise 2.0 / Sales 2.0 / web 3.0 players
  • consulting firms / design agencies

…with a focus on improving the intranet & mobile experience of b2b enterprises for all employees/partners touching accounts.

So far, several vendors merged / joined forces, many changed owners, at least 7 went out of business, and new ones keep on popping up.

My count is 90 vendors as of October 25, 2014. Please find the constantly updated list here.

This issue of CRM Magazine singled out the relevant vendors in the Sales Enablement software market.

We confuse what people have clicked on for what they’ve read. We mistake sharing for reading.

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every business wants to grow


On March 9, 2014, Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat, wrote What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong:

“We confuse what people have clicked on for what they’ve read. We mistake sharing for reading.”

“In 1994, a former direct mail marketer called Ken McCarthy came up with the clickthrough as the measure of ad performance on the web. From that moment on, the click became the defining action of advertising on the web. The click’s natural dominance built huge companies like Google and promised a whole new world for advertising where ads could be directly tied to consumer action.” [...]

“In 20 years, everything else about the web has been transformed, but the click remains unchanged [...]“

“Myth 1: We read what we’ve clicked on” [...]

“Myth 2: The more we share the more we read” [...]

“Do We Read the Articles We Share”?

“[...] there is no relationship whatsoever between the amount a piece of content is shared and the amount of attention an average reader will give that content.”


On June 6, 2014, James Robinson wrote Facebook VP insults our intelligence, argues limiting organic brand reach is not about making money:

“Over the last two years, Facebook has slowly begun cutting back on the organic reach of page posts, whittling it down from 16 percent in 2012 to around two percent now for pages with over 500,000 fans. Brands have found themselves paying money lately to get posts out to fans that they’d already paid money to acquire.”


On June 7, 2014 Jason Calacanis wrote:

“If someone follows my page I should know 100% that they are going to see it – especially if I paid for that like. In fact, there is a HUGE class-action law suit waiting to happen from people who paid for LIKES with the understanding their updates would reach those paid for fans.”


Enter Shario (Full disclosure: I am a co-founder):

The problems above, had a big impact on how our team at Shario developed our mobile app for customer referrals & customer loyalty.

With Shario we want to help small offline stores / brick & mortar businesses in times of eCommerce & showrooming.


Let it grow


In contrast with the problems cited in the beginning, with Shario the business owner sees revenues directly tied to consumers acting (inviting each other). Not the check-in into the location or the social sharing are being tracked and rewarded but those invites which have lead to new foot traffic spending real dollars.

Loyalty programs and apps that let customers collect points do not do more than keep existing customers loyal.

Whilst customer loyalty is also built in, Shario first and foremost drives customer referrals. We want to bring completely new foot traffic to small businesses: Revenues they would not have had without Shario.


iOS version


CRM features in Shario let multiple staff members in multiple store locations know what typically only the owner knows: Who to thank for bringing how many paying customers? Who is how loyal? Who gets a lot of refunds?


Contact me at @shario or @pkralle or @salesenablement if you want to get a demo of Shario on your own iPad or iPhone ( ) or virtually here
We can also meet you in person in Toronto, Paris, Shanghai or anywhere in Germany.

List of Top Sales Enablement Tools 2014

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On April 9, 2014 published their list of Top Sales Enablement Tools.

It takes a slightly different approach than my own work in progress list and has some good details on each vendor.

I’m happy to see that BizSphere (a company I used to work with and a product that was designed by the team at MING Labs I currently work with) made docurated’s list.

Here a YouTube “explained” video about BizSphere that was also done by the design and marketing guys at MING Labs.

Sales Enablement companies in Europe – European Sales Enablement solutions

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Find below a list of European Sales Enablement software vendors (Sales Enablement solution, marketing content management, sales knowledge management) & agencies / consulting firms from Europe, as of October 20, 2014.

When you shortlist vendors, be sure to look into the following:

  • Will they integrate content from existing repositories or upload copies (of what you have in your repositories) into the cloud?
  • Can the solution be installed behind the corporate firewall or not? Single-Sign-On?
  • Ask the vendor whether the code, that defines how the search weights results, is shared by all customer companies or whether each customer can highly customize it.
  • Do they offer a choice between the cloud & on-premise? Do they support the move from one to the other?
  • SaaS vs. Licensing: What is cheaper in the long term, to buy the software as a service or perpetual user license?
  • Exit strategy for your content & the meta information when you want to change vendors.
  • How does the solution support you to meet the challenges that come with doing business globally? (Which languages are supported for the content and for the user interface?)
  • Flexibility for customization / your influence on the road map / number of developers at the vendor?
  • Can they help to integrate the solution into existing IT infrastructure/processes?
  • Does the solution help to manage how you show your complex portfolio of products, services, and solutions to your sales people and channel partners? How quickly can it be updated for org changes? Is it the vendor making the changes or is there an editor?
  • Are there social web 2.0 like features that allow for feedback from sales to marketing (ratings/comments) and uploading/sharing of content?
  • Is there an intelligent way to maintain the ‘single source’ of content that is being re-used a lot? Can documents be auto-generated in order to be highly customized for the specific sales situation yet look polished?
  • What kind of content intelligence is available? (Where in its life cycle is my content? What gets bad ratings? What needs to be retired? What is not being used? What is missing?)

Adaptive Communications Team Ltd UK based. With more than 20 years of international experience working with Global100 organizations, Michael Fox has a unique perspective on the role sales&marketing play together. Currently working at VMware in EMEA, but also developing a new sales enablement/sales transformation process based on a book he is writing. His blog is

basis06 AG (Switzerland)

BizSphere AG suite of Sales Enablement software solutions for global businesses with a complex portfolio [of products, services, & solutions] and large sales force / channel partners (Full disclosure: I’ve worked here) Germany & Netherlands based

Callidus (Callidus Software Inc. purchased iCentera) CallidusCloud has not just iCentera for content but also CPQ tools, marketing automation & more. Not from Europe but has an office in London, UK

changeBEAT (UK)

Combionic GmbH Germany/Switzerland based. Combionic collaboration software connects people, processes, and information in context & across applications. Enabling sales people & partner organizations with a slide library. Drag&drop slides to a plug-in right within Microsoft PowerPoint to have all the context/tags captured automatically and the slides are already uploaded / available in the cloud based slide library which works great for accessing/generating on the fly from tablets. (Full disclosure: I work with them)

d!NK Sales library on tablets enables customer facing staff to adapt interactions with customers/prospects to what interests them. Makes sales more effective; better qualification, condensed sales process. Belgium based

MING Labs GmbH Berlin, Munich, Toronto, & Shanghai based User Experience (UX) Design company, mobile responsive websites & app design&development (iOS, Android, Windows8, BlackBerry, etc). Also Portfolio & Marketing Consulting. The team was also behind the user interface of BizSphere (see above) and Combionic’s slide library (see above). Full disclosure: I work here and represent them in Canada. See this case study as an example

Perperitus Sales solution (UK)

PocketWorks Mobile Ltd, UK Enterprise iPad & smartphones solutions in Leeds, UK

Salesframe Sync latest materials, videos & other content via web-based management system. Integrate Salesframe with your existing systems such as Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Sharepoint, & IBM Notes. After meetings, quickly create a branded PDF of the materials & notes so customers have something to take away. Make winning pitches wherever you are with the app for iOS&Android. Finnish company; client base so far mostly Finland-originated B2B companies.

Scepos Netherlands based / Dutch

SellsPad Take orders on the go right from your tablet. Always up to date, fast & secure. Improve your sale cycle efficiency. Have the right information at the right time: Documents, presentations, client info, catalog, etc. even when you are offline. Simplify reporting for the people in the field & get detailed information about what really happens in the field. TappCTRL S.A., Brussels, Belgium

Solutions for Sales Sales enablement consultancy that helps clients to develop value-based propositions, sales playbooks and sales enablement platforms. Based in Europe & USA

Squirro Harvest content that matters: Revolutionize the way you gather/store/use content that matters. Switzerland based

Loyalty and rewards programs in Canada

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Shario app (beta launch of iOS version in Toronto, June '14)

Shario app (beta launch of iOS version in Toronto, June ’14)

Normally, this blog is focused on Sales Enablement for b2b.

Here my list of Canadian Sales Enablement companies / experts.

Here my worldwide list.

As a Canada-based co-founder of Shario -

mobile app for customer referral & loyalty at brick & mortar businesses -

I would like to start a work in progress list of similar apps / solutions / companies in Canada.

I’m also adding a few eCommerce players.

Let me know in the comments what I’m missing.

Find me on twitter as




Aeroplan Montreal-based Aeroplan loyalty program by Air Canada. Aeroplan® Membership Card
Air Miles by LoyaltyOne, Inc. AIR MILES® Reward Program Membership Card
AMEX Rewards / American Express Rewards
belly card
Best Buy Rewards Best Buy® Reward Zone™
Buytopia (Toronto’s launches SnapSaves, an app that pays consumers cash to shop)
Canadian Tire Rewards / Canadian Tire Money®
Checkout 51
CIBC mobile payment app
Clubovahi Toronto, Canada
Denny’s Canada loyalty and rewards program – MyDenny’s, a new social, loyalty platform
Esso Extra®
HBC Rewards
Hudson’s Bay Rewards™ Card
Influitive helps companies mobilize their advocates to boost referral leads, reference calls, social media participation and more. Toronto & San Francisco
KnexxLocal (with Instamonial™, KnexxLocal’s free mobile app, local businesses can get more word-of-mouth referrals) Canada, Toronto, ON
Linkett formerly WestonEx / “Creating Consumer Engagement & the Ability to Track it”. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Loblaw (see Ugo)
McDonald’s offers a McCafe sticker card for regular coffee drinkers
Metro (adds mobile component to loyalty program)
metro moi™ Program
mobizou Location Based Mobile Marketing Platform with loyalty & referrals. Calgary, AB
Omnego Inc (white-label mobile app platform that empowers mobile engagement between businesses and their mobile users)
PC Points/Plus
plum® rewards
RBC Rewards Redeem your Visa rewards points for merchandise, travel, gift cards/certificates, charitable donations & RBC Financial Rewards vouchers.
RewardingYourself Loyalty Wallet by LoyaltyMatch Inc. (Loyalty and Gamification Saas Platform)
RewardLoop (mobile rewards program that rewards you for spending at your favorite merchants)
Richtree Market Pass By Natural Markets Food Group
Rogers readies loyalty points program in bid to keep customers from switching to rival carriers. Rogers Communications will launch the national rewards program in stages, starting in Red Deer, Alta.
Rogers Mobile Shopper solution (enables customers to engage with brands in-store through mobile offers, applications & mobile payments technology. RioCan, Canada’s largest owner of shopping centres, is first to trial the Rogers Mobile Shopper solution in select Ontario-based shopping centres)
Sears Card
Shario @shario customer referral & loyalty app for brick & mortar businesses. Toronto, ON, Canada [Full-disclosure: I'm a co-founder of Shario. It was designed by User Experience Design company MING Labs which I also represent here in Canada.]
Shopify (Reward customers for each new customer that they bring to your store: Apps like Zferral and ReferralCandy automate this. Traditional loyalty programs where rewards are offered to repeat customers based on how much they buy: Apps like PunchTab & Incentify)
Shoppers Drug Mart (Optimum Rewards Program) Shoppers Optimum® Card
Simply Good’s coupon app GetLoop
SnipSnap Coupon App by SnipSnap App LLC Link to the Canadian iOS app store
Square (“Create and Apply Rewards with Square Register”)
Starbucks (My Starbucks Rewards). Starbucks has both an app & rewards card that gives free drinks & food to frequent customers.
suretap™ wallet by Rogers Communications
Sweet Tooth Rewards (turn-key points & rewards app for your Magento eCommerce store)
The Club Sobeys Program
The More Rewards Program
Thirdshelf (retail app & loyalty platform)
Tim Hortons added a smartphone payment option to its lineup of mobile apps across iOS, Android, BlackBerry. Called “Pay with TimmyMe” it uses a pre-registered Tim Card to allow payments from the smartphone. Also launching its own loyalty rewards program partnering with CIBC for a Visa credit card that accumulates points redeemable at Tim Hortons stores.
Ugo (will initially allow customers to load their TD Visa, President’s Choice Financial MasterCard & PC Plus cards into a mobile wallet. PC points can be redeemed at Loblaw & banner store locations)
vicinity rewards (developed by US-based company, FiveStars. Launched in Canada by Rogers Communications. Vincity is a loyalty program for small business that rewards customers when they visit their store.)
Virtualnext, Toronto, Canada & US based
Walmart Rewards
WestJet Rewards®

Sales Enablement companies in Canada – Canadian Sales Enablement solutions

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Paul KrajewskiGiven that I (about me) moved back to Toronto, Canada, I would like to take a look at the Sales Enablement players here in Canada. Sorry for all the self-promotion.

My world-wide list of players is here.

This list for Canada was last updated on October 25, 2014:


Amacus see Innovative Information Inc.

April Dunford the Toronto based founder of Rocket Launch Marketing has a deep understanding of Sales Enablement. See this blog post by her as an example.

AvayaLive™ Engage is web conferencing in virtual 3D environments for meetings, training, sales & support. It came out of research and development / incubation at Nortel Networks in Ottawa, but is now owned by Avaya. It allows collaborative web browsing and accessing/presenting marketing material in its on-demand, web-based, immersive collaboration environment.

BizSphere Sales Web and Content Landscape by BizSphere AG were initially developed for IBM and Nortel Networks. A suite of Sales Enablement software solutions for global businesses with a complex portfolio [of products, services, & solutions] and large sales force / channel partners. Lets them access the right person or the right information in the right format, in the right place at the right time to move sales opportunities forward. Full disclosure: I work with them and can do demonstrations here in Canada.

Brick Street Software, Inc. more on the marketing automation side of things: Their solution called CONNECT is multichannel marketing for carrying on conversations with customers and prospects over multiple devices as they go about their day. “With its single platform architecture, you have unified views of each consumer—across all channels to engage, drive sales, and develop loyal relationships.” They have offices in Toronto, Boston and elsewhere.

Combionic GmbH German company with collaboration software connecting people, processes and information “in context” and across applications. Enabling sales people and partner organizations with a cloud-based slide library and other solutions that benefit from a very deep integration (via plug-ins) into the Microsoft Office world. Full disclosure: I work with them and can do demonstrations here in Canada.

Envisica Inc Alberta, Canada based firm more on the “consulting for Sales Enablement” side of things. Wayne Regehr, President at Envisica Inc. used to be Vice President at SAP Canada, Inc.

Igloo Software based in Kitchener, Canada. They don’t use the term ‘Sales Enablement’ but it is a social intranet (Enterprise 2.0 style) for small, medium or large businesses who want to work better – with their employees, partners or customers. Cloud-based platform, so you can work from anywhere on any device with a web browser, inside or outside your firewall. [...] blogs, calendars, file sharing, forums, microblogs and wikis…

Innovative Information Inc. Makers of Amacus, a selling solution + coaching application that improves B2B sales productivity by revealing Return-on-Effort in Business-to-Business sales. “prospecting radar that could tell you who to talk to, when to talk to them and what to talk to them about, would that give you more time?” Along with their President John Cousineau they are Vancouver based

Jostle techcrunch writes “[...] wants to put a fresh face on intranet software. [...] aims to make it easier for companies to publish news stories and announcements, host online discussions and share other relevant information like team directories. [...] features a Yammer-like chat tool. [...] integrates with the likes of Active Directory and other directory services to make onboarding easy. It also supports most popular single sign-on solutions and offers Google Apps integration, too, with support for Google Docs, Gmail, Google Contacts and Drive. [...] starts at $6 per employee per month for small companies with up to 100 employees, with price drops available for larger businesses.” Vancouver, Canada

MING Labs German User Experience (UX) Design company. Their founders were behind the UX/UI of BizSphere (see above). Mobile responsive website and app design&development (HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows8, BlackBerry, etc); also portfolio & marketing consulting. Full disclosure: I work here and represent them in Canada. See this case study as an example

SalesChoice Inc a lot more on the CRM system side of the definition of Sales Enablement than I would normally go. Co-Founder Cindy Gordon is also the founder of Helix Commerce and Toronto based.

SAVO Group Chicago based, but has people in Canada. SAVO Sales Enablement software provides solutions that improve the sales process, ramp and retain sellers, and ensure consistency in sales messaging.

SKURA SFX Sales Enablement solution Oakville, ON, Canada. Skura SFX is a next-generation Adaptive Sales Enablement platform built for the Sales Rep and Company of the future. Puts the salesperson and the customer at the center of the equation by providing the capabilities, features, and usability required for real customer engagement, and real sales enablement.

VONICAL Ottawa, Canada based full-service agency: Web application development, user experience & interaction design, sales enablement tools & training, gamification & reward platforms, etc. Providing sales enablement as a service.

Woople Hosted video-based sales enablement platform. Target content to staff & measure its adoption. Woople was developed by the Canadian company Big Bang Technology which said in December 2012: “Not currently accepting new clients”.

What people want to know about Sales Enablement and where they live

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I still keep on refreshing my work in progress list of Sales Enablement vendors and would like to share some stats from this blog. They show where in the world there is an interest in Sales Enablement, that there is demand for a figure that gives this market a size, and what people google for.










Most viewed posts (excluding outdated job posts) for 90 days ending April 2, 2013:

Work in progress list of Sales Enablement vendors
Sales Enablement is the top investment area for 2010 – Who owns it inside an Enterprise?
Developing and rolling out apps for b2b sales people
define a taxonomy of customer pain points and map your products and solutions against them
Definition of Sales Enablement and Conversation Enablement
Case Study of BizSphere Sales Enablement at Nortel Networks
Where does Sales Enablement live within an organization?
Shortlisting Sales Enablement solutions
About this blog
A look at the user interface of the BizSphere Sales Enablement Solution Suite
As of today I am counting 59 different Sales Enablement vendors
Chief Listening Officer – Chief Listener – CLO
Sales Enablement Platforms – needs and benefits

Search Terms for 90 days ending April 2, 2013:

sales enablement
channel enablement definition
global sales enablement
mobile strategy for sales enablement
sales intranet
sales enablement market size
sales content enablement chart case study
sales enablement kpi
sales enablement companies
information architecture
sales enablement portal
sales enablement training
sales enablement software market size
sales enablement plan




I wish you a successful year 2013

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Over the course of the year 2012 my list of Sales Enablement vendors grew to 62.

I wish you a successful year 2013!

Here are some statistics WordPress summarized for my blog:


This blog got about 10,000 views in 2012.

The busiest day of the year was April 16th with 82 views. The most popular post that day was A look at the user interface of the BizSphere Sales Enablement Solution Suite.

blog 2012

These are posts that got the most views in 2012.

  1. Work in progress list of Sales Enablement vendors July 2011
  2. Sales Enablement is the top investment area for 2010 – Who owns it inside an Enterprise? February 2010
  3. Developing and rolling out apps for b2b sales people June 2012
  4. define a taxonomy of customer pain points and map your products and solutions against them March 2012


Low cost sales enablement apps

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Given my background in using Sales Enablement solutions inside large complex enterprises or helping enterprises with their Sales Enablement challenges, quick and light solutions for very small companies, with only a few products and a small sales force, have not been the focus of this blog.

However, I have always tried to cover even vendors that target small companies in my list of Sales Enablement market players.

That list had 59 companies on September 28, 2012.

In the responses to the following question on quora, Tobin Harris wrote a good one:

[...] you can get good mileage out of the iPad using apps like this:

Low cost sales enablement apps

  • Prezzi mobile for presentations / slide shows
  • DropBox [or Google Drive or etc] for storing images, PDFs and videos
  • iBooks for PDFs (without needing WiFi)
  • Apple Notes or Evernote for capturing meetings notes
  • Paper app for drawings and scribbles


CRM integration will become more important for sales teams. Who wants to double enter their meeting notes via the laptop?
The fact that the iPad is instant-on, lightweight and has good battery life makes it a very viable replacement for paper based sales aids [...]“

Image credit & copyright: BizSphere AG,

Of course, sharing many different Prezzi / presentation files, PDFs, forms, documents, images, and other media files across a sales team of more than one person will require a lot of discipline in order to achieve that everyone presents a consistent story / look&feel as well as only the most up-to-date version. As this becomes a problem, the more sophisticated Sales Enablement solutions, that sit on top of document management systems with “version control”, “tagging from controlled vocabulary”, and “user access rights management” or can integrate with all kinds of sources, come in.

See my list of Sales Enablement market players.


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